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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Tell me again why Daniel has to leave Salem? Stay and deal with the things life throws at you, and not whimp out and run away. It doesn't speak much for his character, Dr. Dick of Steel, spine of Jello. Daniel has a boo boo and makes like he's dying from an incurable disease.

Reminds me of our old Jack, that would constantly push and run away from Jennifer, because he thought he wasn't good enough for her and that she deserved better. Jennifer's attraction to the for this yo-yo kinda love, follows her MO. Daniel treats her like a yo-yo, pushes her away and then yanks the string to pull her back. I'm leaving you, I love you, I'm leaving you, I love you.

Why can't Jen commit? I'd much rather discuss this issue, than Doc Shake n' Bake's leaving.

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