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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Jan 24 2012, 05:34 PM
^ LOL no I just meant saying "Daniel's so hot" and then some personal comments about Matt or Jack doesn't really explain why Daniel's supposedly so popular. I usually avoid the page too (for the same reasons) but someone else pointed it out as there were alot of anti-Jack comments and felt he needed some support.
IMO, most board members will have a mix of support for characters of their favorite soap. Some ppl will like SC, they dig his looks, acting style, hunkiness, etc. and some will like Dannifer for their proverbial "cutsiness". I don't appose reading soap fan boards and seeing a varying degree of opinions. For those newbies, Dannifer is all they know and having Jack come along, just screws up things for them. In turn, long time soap watchers of DAYS, know what JnJ were and what TPTB can do with great characters and SLs. In recent years, DAYS is faced with the rush of technology, something they didn't have to complete with 15-20 years ago. So they just rush their SLs and characters, things don't quite often flow as well as they should. Perhaps they have a hard time keeping their new age audience engaged, all while pissing off old diehard fans. So when considering fan opinions, TPTB have to take everything into consideration. Daniel just might be the greatest heart throb of recent, and Dannifer the best couple of 2011, just b/c he was in the right place, at the right time. Bringing back old flames, like Jack and Lucas will definitely change the shows dynamic and Daniel will probably lose out on some of his popularity. Daniel Jonas and family are the black sheep of Salem, they have only a short history and are used to stir up crap for the more established cast of characters. Funny how both Daniel and Melanie went after the best friends/boyfriend, significant other. Jen was Carly's BFF and Chad, Abby's boyfriend. Shallow, short history characters, don't seem to have established morals, I guess.
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