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Jan 24 2012, 10:08 PM
Jan 24 2012, 08:50 PM
At this point, even if someone like Daniel a whole hell of a lot (or Jack for that matter) I don't see how this triangle is expected to work. Nothing ever happens except Jennifer whining a lot, Daniel worried about... something. I don't know. Whatever his reason to leave her over and over again, and a histrionic goodbye that lasts about as long a his actual absence.

There's no story. No progression. nothing about Jennifer that makes her seem worth all this. And there are kiddie pools more reflective than Jennifer at this point.

Who is this story for anyway? I can't think it's for Daniel fans, or Dannifer fans, and it SURE AS HELL isn't for Jack fans or JnJ fans. And given the whiney way that Jennifer has been written, I cannot see it appealing to even the biggest MR fan out there.

Honestly, I don't know how MarDar could've messed this up any more than they have.
Jen-Jen's woes are entirely self-inflicted at this point, which is why it's impossible to sympathize with her. Daniel's gone, Jack has walked away and is concentrating on his own stuff (as he should be), so no one's putting any kind of pressure on this dimwit. Nothing's stopping her from doing whatever she wants to do, whether it's jumping Daniel's bones or repairing her marriage to Jack. If she's lonely and miserable, it's her own fault for being weak, indecisive, and cowardly. Because committing to one man means cutting the other one loose, and she can't make herself do that. But the waffling that might be forgivable in a ditzy teenage girl is pretty contemptible in a fortysomething mother of two. Someone who's not Nicole needs to tell Jen-Jen to get over herself, because neither guy is going to wait forever.

And sadly, a large percentage of the audience is fed up with Jennifer and no longer cares whether she picks someone or gets swallowed up by a black hole.
I wish Hope would be the one to clue her in but she is too busy singing Jennifer's praises. Where is Julie when you need her? Back in the day both Julie and Maggie were good at being bluntly honest.
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