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Jan 25 2012, 05:25 PM
Jan 24 2012, 08:50 PM

Who is this story for anyway? I can't think it's for Daniel fans, or Dannifer fans, and it SURE AS HELL isn't for Jack fans or J&J fans. And given the whiney way that Jennifer has been written, I cannot see it appealing to even the biggest MR fan out there.

Honestly, I don't know how MarDar could've messed this up any more than they have.
If I would have answered this question yesterday, I would have said the SL was all about pimp Dr. D and Dannifer.
After seeing Jack's vet episode today, I think it was all about Jack and the neglect has been faced wtih upon his return from Afghanistan, not just from Jen, but from others too. (Bo & Hope, etc.)

The triangle SL really means nothing, accept for making Jennifer look like the Queen B of Hell. In recent weeks, even Daniel could sympathize with Jack, and contrary to what I've said before, this was really the turning point of the SL. It might not have been that obvious before, but it makes sense, b/c Jennifer has done nothing. Dan sees that Jack needs his family, even if his family (Jen) doesn't want it. Dan knows Jen is drawn to Jack and that is the reason, she can't just run off with him. Jen doesn't recognize this, but Dan does, it doesn't matter if her loves her or she him, nothing is going to move forward, until Jack and Jen talk about their relationship. It would be the next logical step in the SL. Once this happens, done, positive or not, b/c I am betting not, only then will there be progression in the overall SL.

Dan is a smart man to runaway, b/c crazy JEN is on the loose. Watch and beware!
Dreamer I agree with you, after today's episode it's seems like Jack's desperation so much so that he was willing to share his wife with another man was suppose to be the focus. The Jack pre-cave would have never went along with that crap as many people shouted but after the vet episode it makes sense. At least that is what I am taking out of it because the rest of this triangle is complete crap.
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