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Jan 26 2012, 03:34 PM
Jan 26 2012, 03:29 PM
Isn't this modeling story supposed to have Abigail become a schemer and nefarious? If so then I wonder if the show will say this proved Jennifer right, and Jack should have listened to her.
I think the scheming crap has more to do with her working for Austin, the modeling a completely separate thing.

As for Jennifer, WTF?? She's going to throw out her 20 year-old college student daughter who probably can't support herself because she doesn't want her to model? Just when I think she couldn't be a bigger bitch she proves me wrong. Oh, I forgot to add GO JACK!!
Whoa, Jen-Jen is seriously giving her daughter an ultimatum like that? Don't go into modeling, or I'll throw you out of the house? Talk about over the top! Not to mention that if she goes so far as to forbid Abigail to do this, it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Abigail will only want to do this even more. I'm hoping Jack points this out. Of course, I also hope he leavens his approval with some conditions--namely, that Abigail has to maintain a good GPA if she does this. If her grades slip, she needs to give it up.

Anyway, I agree--it's not the modeling per se that's the problem, it's Abigail's inappropriate fixation on a married man almost old enough to be her father. But if she didn't have a modeling gig, it's sure as shootin' she'd find some other way to try to attract his attention.
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