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^ My face watching DAYS

Jan 27 2012, 02:16 PM
I think ABC took a calculated risk with The Revolution. They're sending it out to die a slow death while killing GH once and for all. ABC is out of scripted TV and they want to be able to cancel GH without having to explain any reasoning. If the ratings look like this, then who can really blame them? The casual person who glances at the ratings will just say oh wow GH wasn't being watched anyway. Others will know how bad the show is currently AND that they cancelled GH's massive lead-in.

This makes me have new respect for what DAYS has been able to do for so long. Yeah, the show can be a lot better and the ratings aren't through the roof, but to maintain decent ratings for years without a partner is almost impossible. Soaps should always be in pairs and DAYS has been left to fend for itself for years. It puts things into a new perspective.
Agree about DAYS...there is something to be said for it holding up so well without a network lead-in or lead-out...the show is literally all by itself at 1PM.

All the other soaps have had network produced lead-ins and lead-outs...even GH now has a lead-in, no matter how shitty.

What GH's numbers indicate to me is that OLTL was the true flagship show of their daytime lineup.
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