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I'm still watching! I've finally reached the second week of January 2000. I feel like I'm moving too slow. I have episodes through July, but need to hurry and buy at least the rest of 2000. Hopefully that will inspire me to watch faster. Since so many soaps are getting canceled, I truly view this as a current soap and am loving it.

Right now they just had this fabulous New Years Eve party which seems to be setting up the things I remember from my time watching. One thing that confuses me is Martin returning and trying to kill Sheridan before dying himself. Of course I know the character came back later so I'm curious what Julian is up to here. Maybe this is an evil twin. There is also good traction in the Ivy/Sam romance. By the time I was watching Grace was almost gone (or at least wasn't with Sam IIRC) so I'm loving seeing how they got there.

The one story I'm most interested in is probably Simone and Whitney's relationship. Of course I remember Chad only with Whitney, so it's weird seeing that he's brought on for Simone. I always viewed Simone as the bad seed, not knowing Whitney basically did steal her man. Even if Chad wasn't into Simone like she was him, Whitney should've never gone there for the sake of the relationship with her sister.

Also, so far I still don't find the pacing on the show bad. I never really did find Passions *that* slow. I know it is (and also very repetitive), but I find it such an entertaining hour. Hell, I need the recapping anyway so it's fine by me.
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