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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

I will cut KM some slack on her Jack-Abby relationship issues. TPTB don't seem to place emphasis on Abby and Jack's past relationship and it they are writing it differently now, it is hard to convince viewers that know and saw it back then. KM is just towing the party line and that must be hard.

When Benson was on for several years and she did a great job at showing support and love for her father. Even the younger Abby's from 2001-2004 were written with great pro-Jack sentiment. Whether Jack left her or was kidnapped, held hostage or faked his death and left etc., it didn't matter to these Abby's. She always believed in him and waited for his return. She was never really portrayed with anger at her father, she was loving and forgiving. They were close, closer than her relationship with her mom. Maybe she's grown up a lot since then and instead of looking at it through a child's eyes, she looks back at her father with adult eyes. I honestly don't care, but it should not be rewritten otherwise. Jack and Abby may have it a rough patch, since his missing year in Afghanistan, but by Abby standards, she would understand him and get over it. Having Jack as her biggest supporter is part of their relationship, so blaming Jack for her problems is ludicrous. I could understand if she had a tendancy to push or pull away from love, but to say she has daddy issues, doesn't seem right. Yes, she might have thought her father left, b/c she wasn't worth it, but Jack has always stated it was him, who thought he was not worthy of their love. Insecurities yes, desperate for attention maybe, daddy issues not addressed over the years, so why start now? Lots of dads work away from home, go on business trips etc., aside from when Jack left her a baby -- would she even remember that? or leaving to die on his own-- maybe this one, all the other stuff, no chance, and blaming only him-- no way--- Jen needs to take responsibility for some of it. I hope this interview is wrong, I want Jack and Abby to be close and supportive of one another, like old times.
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