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Checked. Can confirm KS (Scott) and JZ (Bobbie) returns.
I have seen no mention yet of Serena.
Kristina is the teen return in the works.

RC has Bobbie penciled in for more than one stint.
Scott, so far, only one return.
February sweeps is still mainly GW's influence with some RC edited scripts and drop-in scenes. RC's vision will start to be really felt in March.

Just got this...Maurice Benard (Sonny) OUT at the end of May.
Just came across it in an email from a friend who works at the studio. He sent it to me on Friday but I was out.

Source says VMG (Brenda) deal to come back is all but done. And she may be coming back with a "gift" for Sonny

Q: Are they recasting Michael?

With RC/FV, standard practice is for RC to first come up with a story pitch. He then submits it to FV who approves the budgeting and then will work to sign the actor/actress.

In the case of Kristina, appears RC is brainstorming her return. I do not have any further details except the HW wants her character back.

Q: Do you know if RC's bible has Patrick romantically involved with someone?

Nothing yet on a new Patrick romance.

Q: I think they started this week. Becky mus not have worked much this week.

The scripts taped this week and before were GW scripts with RC edits. I took what BH to mean is the scripts they get next week are all RC. As i keep telling you this wasn't a one day are GW scripts with no RC input and the next are RC scripts. RC has been making edits to GW scripts since shortly after he started.

The scrubs story was the story that got the earliest edits so while the entire scripts were still technically GW's Robin/scrubs material was heavily edited. For example the entire addition of anna

Q: Oh My Gawd. So the last alive Robin and Patrick scenes are GW?

No. Those were part of the RC edits. I know several of you have commented on how choppy the show seems lately - this is the reason. It is GW scripts with RC edits. Some material like the Scrubs story is heavily edited or outright changed (hello Anna). Some are tweaks her and there. For example, the heavy mention of the mob war and adding in explosions (off screen) - RC's doing.

Q: Were there any edits/tweaks to the Liz/Patrick reveal scenes or the scenes of Robin asking Liz to take her place?

The Liz/Robin material was taped a few days after he started. Not a lot of changes there. A lot of changes in how Patrick reacted to the lies.

Q: I still don't understand the robin blows up in her lab I got the impression that everyone thinks her death is mob releated and thats why Robert effects Dante/Sonnys realtionship ect

She doesn't. She blows up and everyone thinks it is mob related.

Q: Where does she blow up?

I believe a warehouse on the docks. How she ends up there I have no idea.

Q: I thought she died in a lab explosion? Now it's a warehouse? Holy raining insiders. And here I thought RC/FV rana tight ship. Ever since OLTL ended and some of their stars slated to come to GH, we have been overrun with insiders. Maybe RC/FV aren't so good at plugging leaks, as they think.

Not complainng though, I love info and gossip. What insider besides DB said it was in her lab? I thought I read they saw some of the scene filmed or am I misremembering?

I said it and riddle me this why would Robin dying in her lab lead to him causing a wedge between Dante and Sonny like HNY said? Could it be Robin "dies" as a result of this mob war. Robert decides to clean up PC and tells Dante he has to chose once and for all. Why yes it could.

Finding a proxy that works for this site sucks. Anyways, I see KA dropped how long she signed a contract for. Well, I can tell you right now, ME was offered the same contract. Whether he takes it or not is up to Mr. Easton. They have no offered Kassie or Roger anything lorn term. They are just about helping their daughter interact with PC residents. As for MA, if Mr. Easton signs the three year contract, MA very well could come on by summer.

Q: Anything on Jasam?

Besides the stuff I'm sure that's been dropped? The head stuff. Jason considering after Robin dies to quit the mob. And the baby? Nope.

FV and AE sought and received B&B's permission in advance for her OLTL stint. B&B generously agreed to write out AE for a period of time. This was a courtesy to a recovering AE to help minimize travel back and forth.

Lulu's new career will be impacted by Robert's return and a Luke decision.

When you think of any Laura return, think circa 1993. RC does not remotely share Guza's view of her character.

Carly returns to her roots, and starts to concoct "plans" to save those she loves.

RC feels Liz needs to face a crucible on her own two feet. An attempt to drive Liz back into Shadybrook's arms will fail. Think along the lines of his rebuilding Jessica to withstand so much stress her last few months.

I do not have anything on a Alan resurrection. However, an Emily return under consideration.

Sam's rape will be addressed.

Q: Will it be made clear either that she was or wasn't? Any therapy in her future?

Yes it will be clear.

Q: Sam's rape will be addressed. Is that the new item that is sent by Franco to Jason? Is it cleared up with that?

I believe so.

Q: Thank you. Can you tell us if it clears it up that she was NOT raped. If so, I bet Jason goes wild for Franco putting them through that for nothing. Can you comment at all? tia

Yes. DVD states no rape. Sam has a new sibling.

Q: Oh Wow! I'm thinking Johnny! Am I cold, warm, hot?

You got it. Johnny's mother isn't Claudia after all.

[Responding to a question about Johnny/Carly]:
Lulu was supposed to be in Carlys place i the Johnny/Papa Z stuff. They gave Lulu the drinking instead of putting her back in Johnny's orbit.

Please, do not twist my drops.

I dropped RC was not a fan of the Zacharras. He gutted GW's long mob war plans and Anthony would be gone. That is all I dropped regarding the Zs.

RC rewrote Robin's death and fallout as his first big "reset." With Robert and Anna, the investigation resurrects ancient ties/feuds and feels like a time warp back to the days of old-fashioned 80s adventures.

I am dropping Lulu will be reminded her family legacy includes more than addiction and mental illness. When ancient ties and feuds are resurrected, Lulu is reminded her family's legacy includes crime-fighting and saving the world.

Q: HNY, is Sonny gonna be involved in Robin's death story?

Yes. A few things on Sonny, RC pulled the plug on Skate. They will be ending this spring. His finale is an exit from the mob.

Do not expect VMG back for another "extended" S&B story. RC is drafting two shorter Brenda returns. I have no update on VMG's status at this time.

RC loves the Scorpios. His hands were tied as most of Robin's story was already written and taped. He changed the ending to a presumed "death." Losing Robin will now have major impact on most of the canvas and launches a huge umbrella story.

He and FV are working out how to produce a Nurse's Ball to honor Robin's memory. Robin will not be forgotten.

As for Anna, The WSB makes a comeback. So do their enemies. Plural. A reunion with Robert.

I do not get breakdowns but saw an outline for Anna teaching Emma. This was noted as a nod to the Scorpio legacy carrying onto another generation. Mirrors the Laura/Lulu legacy remarks.

They do want KMc back for the finale. RC has a penchant for surprise! this character is alive after all, reveals.

Will RC write a "Think of Laura" 1983 reunion for Patrick and Robin?

Will Robin have been held alone or had company?

Robin and Laura's fates may mirror. At this time, I do not know. I am working off very preliminary information.

Much remains to be decided.

I dropped what I had on Tracy Q and her new role as keeper of secrets.

I do not have any update on Dillon.

RC would like Ned back. Possibly for the Nurse's Ball.

Ancient ties will be resurrected including the Qs with the Cassadines.

John McBain is a former FBI agent with experience in bringing down rogue CIA black ops.

RC is every excited about writing Helena Cassadine's final chapter.

I do not know if he will mention it in an interiew, but, Liz Taylor cursing L&L was one of his favorite GH memories.

The mob are one of three stories that collide into the larger umbrella story.

However, instead of focusing on the mob's enemies and villains, RC's focus is on ancient enemies of the Spencers and Scorpios.

These enemies will also interfere, "hurt" the mob and their interests.

Eventually most of the canvas will unite against these enemies.

RC is toying with idea "Think of Laura" may apply to more than just Robin.

Q: Emily????? :cheer

Very good guess. Also, possibly the original namesake for that song. Put this in bold somewhere, this is all very preliminary information for the finale-

Super villains, so powerful they can freeze the world, open up so many more possibilities than run of the mill mobsters.

Q: Have you heard any rumblings of a return for Kin Shriner or Scotty?
he was a big part of GH history


A Q hired a Spencer to go after a Cassadines treasure.

It appears Tracy knows something about the original Qs stake in the Cassadines.

Sam will be very protective of Jason who is one of John McBain's targets.

They will be adversaries. For some time. Until the real villains are uncovered.

Q: Do you think this will have anything to do with a Quartermaine/Cassadine heir soon to be born?

There may be such an heir already, and no I cannot explain further. Again, I am sharing some of RC's notes. There are pieces still to be signed, sealed and delivered to make his dream umbrella story a reality.

Regarding whether AG would extend on FV's terms or return for the finale, is one of those undecided pieces. I cannot answer what is not decided yet.

I was told Mikkos and Edward were mentioned as having some business history.

Q: Have you heard any talks about Audrey hardy, Jeff webber, Lesley Webber or Bobbie spencer?

Bobbie and Leslie.

[In response to Question about Todd and Blair]
Todd and Blair do not really impact story here. Starr serves as a catalyst for Michael's full Quartermaine to emerge.

It appears GW was heading towards Edward dies and Michael takes over ELQ story.

I did not get access to Michael/Starr's storyboard.

From RC's notes he is positioning Starr to encourage Michael to use money, not the mob, as a means to his ends. Starr adores her father, sins and all. This will bind them.

Starr is a Manning and a Cramer. She learned to scheme at a very young age.

Expect an update on Dorian's career, too, via Starr.

That is the little I have on her.

I do not know anything about SBu leaving early.

It is possible MB may exit early. MB remains very firm in wanting to Sonny's exit from the mob to be tied to Brenda. This decision is tied to the VMG situation. I do not have any new information there.

Thank you for the respectful discourse.

Q: Tony and Alexandria Q were lovers

Correct. The Qs were at the heart/start of the original Ice Princess story.


Source said Sam will have her baby. Perhaps premature. Nothing on Jason leaving the canvas. The explosive events will be redemption story for Sonny and Jason. The mob will be blamed. But a more evil presence will be to blame. Nothing new actually other than source has not heard Jason is leaving I asked source specifically about this.

Q: I hear that Sam & John will be on opposite sides, anything you can share on this story?

Source heard nothing specific but it would make sense since Mc Bain will be investigating the aftermath of what was supposedly a mob hit gone bad

Q: Source, anything new on Liz and Ewen?

Source heard last week that Liz and Ewen get very close. But Ewen was a very bad boy. I asked source if Ewen would be redeemed. No answer yet but source had heard Valentini and co want JJ back. Source speculates that Ewens redemption may hinge on that

Q: Are you still standing firm on BW and BB (Johnny) are out?

Source still has them out.

Q: Will this prompt Jason and/or Sonny to leave the mob for good?

Source heard that the redemption story was tied to teaming up with Scorpios/ McBain to find the real culprits. That would mean leaving the mob. Source said look for Jason to begin to feel the need to separate from the mob earlier than Sonny due to the baby and being suspect.

Q: Source, anything on KMc coming back in the summer?

Nothing regarding a KMc return but sources feeder said Valentini and co have been known to tape ahead and tape alternate scenes. Also the talent has been spoken to about sharing scene partners.

Q: Did the Source indicate if Patrick becomes a drunk like Daddy? I really need this to happen.

Source heard Patirck starts drinking. Also that they want RS back for a short time.

Q: Source, do you have anything on Lante? Do you know why they decided to have a Jolu redux and then changed their mind? TIA

Source heard the switch was made by Valentini and co. Remove LuLu. Insert

Q: Weren't you telling us a few months ago that Genie was being let go? What do you think changed? Thanks.

To clarify source has nothing of a GF return. Source speculates that any loaning would happen after cancellation Source says that Y&R s hiring of GH vets leads to speculation that if there I'd story for GFs character there Y&R won't loan until cancellation. Also not sure if I dropped this but BA is a possible talent cast on Y&R. PB is a big fan of BA.

Q: So basically Robin's death is a shake up the canvas kind of thing if I'm reading that right.

Correct. Robin's "death" is one of RC's big events that shakes everything up.

Take note, it may not be clear at first how much is changed as a result of Robin's death. The editing and even lighting may start to feel different to you.

Q: noticed with Lulu/Luke scenes is they backtracked on the whole Laura was fragile and weak route GW was taking it. It's like LL are being backtracked from everything GW has been spitting out the past 7 months. I assume its Shelly's doing? I know it sure isn't GW. lol

I do not know for sure if RC edited this scene. I can share RC began editing scenes in December and he does not share Guza/GW's vision of Laura. Expect more Laura mentions coming up and not in a negative light.

Liz is not the one who picks Patrick up when he pulls a Noah. Noah himself plays a part in that. There is nothing in the plans for Patrick/another woman. Never say never but right now that isn't in the plans.

Don't know specifically. Just that his drinking causes issues at work. If I had to guess probably has also to do with him lashing out at the mobsters, even though Jason has little to nothing to do with all of the current violence going down between Sonny and the Z's.

Q: Is JT still taking a month off? What is Kimberly filming now post her death?

Not everything she is taping now post her death. She has some Anna and Emma scenes pre death that are being taped.

Q: That great. Do you know if she gets a change to tape with Tristan ?

She does but not sure if that is pre "death" or post "death" scenes. They all think of her after she "dies"

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