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Nov 30 2009, 10:02 PM


Looking back, we should have figured something was up when Alice was the serial killer's final victim. But with all the talk about cost - and cast - cutting, we chalked it up to a penny-wise, pound foolish decision to ax 10 popular stars. Leave it to clever scribe James E. Reilly to pull off the unthinkable by making all of the Salem Stalker victims alive. Online posters spent months gathering clues, trying to figure out what the twist of all twists would be, but few came up with this one. Ditto the Digest editorial staff. Sure, some found it callous that the actors weren't told they'd be coming back and the heartbreaking exit interviews (including lines like "I was blindsided!" and "It's like me dying.") were for naught, but well worth it in the end to have the actors back on-screen.

Dec 1 2009, 12:35 PM

yes,that was some crazy shit back then!!!i didnt like the aftermath cause then we had to see marlena hook up with roman....puke!!


With Cameron Mathison's (Ryan) 2003 return, we anticipated a tantilizing triangle with Kendall and Greenlee, rivals-turned-best friends who each had a rich history with Lavery.

But a truly heartfelt tug-of-war never materialized. Instead, Kendall and Greenlee turned against each other, stooping to such inane lows in their bid for Ryan that we found ourselves hoping he'd say sayonara to both of them. Then again, Ryan was written so pompously, it was difficult to discern why the women craved his affections in the first place.

By the time Ryan finally picked Greenlee, it seemed like AMC had plucked her name out of a hat and shoehorned the story to fit that outcome (Ryan gets psychic messages from Greenlee: It must be true love!), as opposed to her emerging organically as the right choice for Ryan.

Take comfort, Kendall, viewers were the real losers in this triangle.

worst triangle,indeed!!!i was rooting for kendall the whole time!!thank god she found her true soulmate in zach.

Dec 1 2009, 12:50 PM


They're everything a typical soap couple is not. Forget sweet nothings, candlelight and roses...even sex. But it's their sublime awkwardness that makes Ric and Alexis's courtship so endearing - neither one has ever been very good at this thing called love, and that makes them perfect for each other. Frankly, we wouldn't have thought about putting them together, but this wildly unexpected pairing brings out things we haven't seen before in either character. He's not intimidated by her strength; she doesn't have to go all girly to get the guy. At first, the attorneys walked the fine, familiar line between love and hate (You know: insult, insult, kiss!), but somewhere between that sexy spin on the dance floor and the surprisingly tender vows they shared at their quickie nups, the relationship went beyond "unconventional." This truly odd couple has the potential to redefine what romance is all about.

i loooved rexis!!!!i hated how tptp ruined them 4 good!!!

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