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Feb 2 2012, 06:35 PM
Feb 2 2012, 06:30 PM
B&B is the most impressive. This is a show with no online presence but it's grown well in the key demos. The Hope/Liam/Steffi/Bill/Katie quad is a winner and its just basic soap with people plotting to keep the rootable couple apart
Agreed...B&B really doesn't have an online presence, it is by far the least popular online...but it still keep pulling in good numbers year to year and is by a mile the most successful internationally. There is something to be said about that I think (in regards to having no online presence, but pulls in great numbers)

B&B does not rate well in Canada for some reason, it is the lowest rated soap in Canada.
I'm just not a believer in online feedback used as a popularity gauge because overall its made up of fanbases, not general viewers, who tend to overanalyze every detail and automatically hate on newbies. Offliners also just tune out when stories don't interest them. I have read opinions of B&B online and its called trashy and badly acted and the stories played out. So you can see how well that feedback translates to ratings.
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