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Hunter Tylo let it slip on her Facebook page that Jack Wagner is indeed headed back to GH. He finishes up B&B by April, than is coming back to GH.

Hunter Tylo
Will miss you Jack Wagner! So sad you will be leaving B&B ... Please let Jack know how he has been appreciated by all of us!
Like Share Yesterday at 2:49pm near Santa Monica, CA

Hunter Tylo I think he is over in April -- then he will go to GH
Yesterday at 3:24pm Like 5


EmmaSamms1 Emma Samms
I believe the first show I'm in (this time around) airs Feb 28th. I really hope you'll be pleased.

EmmaSamms1 Emma Samms
I'm LOVING playing Holly again. Today I did my first scene with both Tristan and Tony. Bliss.


Q: Ie wants a platform [the Nurses ball] for kip and ka to sing

Or maybe he wants to bring back history? Because RC is huge about history.
Why would he have people have no history tied to Robin sing at something FOR her?

Q: Thanks, but I admit I don't get this, if Robin isn't dying of AIDS there really isn't a need for a tribute nurse's ball.

Robin had HIV. Robin was a doctor. Robin loved the Nurse's ball so why wouldn't they bring back an old love of her's to help raise money for AIDS? Something that was about as near and dear to her heart as her family?

Q: Who has history with Robin that would sing at the Nurse's Ball? Seriously?

Oy, okay, I'm not explaining every single detail because I don't know every single detail. All i know was he wanted to do a Nurse's ball in honor of Robin. And he was also told that this was a yearly thing people miss.

Liz did the nurse's ball before, Edward has, Luke has, Patrick has sang on the show, Ethan has sang on the show. Her parents. There are tons of people not on the OLTL side that can do it. I actually found this to be positive and dropped it. I didn't mean for people to get upset or angry or whatever. I saw this as a nice touch to GH of past. I'm seriously gone now because I don't feel like explaining anything else.

Q: Anything on Scrubs? I can't take anymore Jason and Liz insertions

Scrubs story is locked up tight. That's all I can say. I also can say it will get vastly better with RC.

Q: You say Helena is involved with Jasam is it bc of the Casssdine and Quartermaine blood?

I can't exactly explain why or I'll give away story that can't be given away yet. All I can say is Helena IS involved with JaSam&Baby.

Q: Do you know when jasam find out the baby's father???

I don't know timetable for when scenes show up. But *I* think it's before their run in with Liz. They're a lot happier when she hears the news. Liz finds out before Carly I do believe. Again, I don't know timetables when scenes show up.

Q: lol Steve probalby read that Serial Killer shit and ran out to the parking lot crying and shaking his fist in the air like Celie in the Color Purple!

Steve wasn't happy at all. He knew it would ruin the core center of his character.

Q: seriously. I don't know if the drops are legit but they were going to have him be responsible for Abby and then kill Olivia, and attack his mom and MIL and Sam. Spin I hadn't heard. But I was like really, Michaels GF and one of Sonny's baby mammas and his wife. There is no coming back from that.

Who said they wanted Jason to come back from that?

Q: BF [Frons] was fired? I thought he stepped down.

He was fired. The stepping down stuff was to save face, IMO.

Q: Do you know anything about Jason hurting Sam or knocking her down?

I don't know anything about that. I do know however much to my dislike, Jason's head issue ain't going away. And it seems the Helena part in Sam's pregnancy has been dropped. That's why Helena lurking around JaSam hasn't played out. IF it plays out the story is a go. If it doesn't, RC dropped it. Hope that answers your question and the person asking about Jason.

Q: SA, anything on Holly? TIA!

Nope. Her story is directly linked to Robin's and that story is locked up tight starting after her "death". RC made sure of it.

Q: Where does the explosion take place? Do you have anything post-Robin on Patrick? It sucks for Scrubs right now

I can only say where it's NOT taking place. It's not at the hospital. Patrick is going to get ugly before he gets better. He's going to snap at a lot of people. Not just Jason and Sonny. But anyone and everyone who's ever been friends or family to those two. Especially those at the hospital. Things will be rough. I'll be surprised if the guy has any friends by summer...

All I can share for now. But I hear Patrick is REALLY nasty to Jason about Jake. Elizabeth and Sam both overhear. Both come to his defense and Patrick rips into them as well.

This is after Robin's death. He's drunk as skunk and doesn't care who he hurts. He even tells Sam (who's secret is pretty much outted to all by now. The baby secret anyways.) that she'll bury her child before it's old enough to hate Jason.

Q: Do you have anything you can share on McBain's stay/visit to Port Charles?
Anything you could share on TK? (Who he might be playing, when he might start taping, etc.)

I don't know much about the OLTL folks. I have heard nothing about TK. But that does not mean he's not coming. Just means I haven't heard anything. And as for McBain, he will not be well liked by many. However, he does form a friendship with Dante. And I was told the reason Natalie doesn't follow John to PC is because it's dangerous. He tells her to stay home. However, we do see him on the phone with her. One way conversation but still.

Q: [regarding the mention of Stefan Cassadine] Maybe all the dead characters will come back from dead.

That's an interesting thought.

Q: *Thinks of many things I would do to NB for Stefan to come back. *

Oh RC wants him back. But we'll see how that works out. They need to get TC (Nik) back first.

Q: SA anything on Liz and Ewen? thanks

I don't. I wish I did. I like Elizabeth.

Q: How can it be if even ES states she is here for a short term? ABC stated she was involved with Ethan and Spencer.

What does short term have to do with it? She's a way to usher Ethan out. She's also a way to help jump start Robin's aftermath death story.

Q: Anything on Tracy? Do you know if this az marriage is legit or not or what the heck Luke is doing playing along? Will she be involved at all with anything else under RC?

Her wedding is not legit. The wedding was written by GW. RC is going to tweak it. Can't say how but he is. She's got quite a bit coming up. She's an oldie. RC likes people with background on the show. The bigger the better. Tracy is one of those people. As is Monica and Luke. He's got stories for all of them coming up.

Q: Anything new on Lulu?

Lulu's story is connected to two people. Dante and Luke. She's going to prove she's a Spencer in more ways then one. They want her roots back. The girl who stole Edward's car without blinking an eyeball. That's what RC sees for Lulu.

Q: do u have any info on Sam finding out who her father is? thanks so much

Sam's father story is something they want to get out of the way. But that depends on if they get the actor they want and if they have time for the story.

Q: hi SA -- any chance Lante has some kind of s.l coming up? Doesn't seem like JMB is taping very much. TIA for any info!

Dante's reaction to Lulu's 'problem' is pretty heartbreaking. Outside that I have nothing to drop for them.

Q: Do you know why they have Liz snooping on Jasam? is that scene going anywhere? TIA

Not for RC it's not. That was a GW story unfolding.

Q: Back in November you said that you thought Robin would be a victim of the serial killer storyline. Did you ever get that confirmed? Just wanted to see how truly bad Robin's exit could have been.

No. Robin was suppose to die of AIDS by the pen of GW. RC changed it.

Q: anything for Sam or is she just stuck dealing with Jason and his 10 millionth head injury?

I have nothing on Sam. Doesn't mean she won't have story. Just got nothing to share at this moment.

Q: Anything on Matt? Do you know if he's being written out?

Not from my understanding. But I hear from a source that JC won't be hurting for work if he is. I hear Days would really love to get their boy back.

Q: Anything new on M&M or Matt/Patrick/Noah?

Noah will have his hands full with Patrick and Matt. As for M&M. Got nothing.

Q: he's only back two episodes how can he have his hands full?

Matt resenting daddy. Patrick drinking. Two days is all it takes for your hands to be full.

Source says Spinelli/Mac scenes added today to set up Matt/Maxie angst Matt will go to bat for Liz when Maxie reports her snooping. Maxie will be right but Matt, along with Ewen will fight to get Liz reinstated. Maxie will be the girl who cried wolf.

Q: Ok so the guys "think" she is crying wolf because of her hate for Liz and previous lies but this time she is not lying. Is that what you mean?

Source says yes the men back Liz. Not sure what context snooping is. Source didn't know. Asked source re Spinelli as well. still has him out Source did not say anything about medical records to be clear, [source] said snooping.

Source said GWs vision of Liz is much different than Valentini and co.. What is being seen with Liz is GW at this point. Source also said that Maxie and Mac finding out re Robins status late is not going to go over well.

Q: If Maxie "cries wolf" that means she's lying. That's what crying wolf means.

Source says she is accused of crying wolf...because no one believes her but Maxie is supposed to be right. At least that's what I got from their drop.

Q: What? Now Liz isn't looking in med records but snooping? How does that.....Liz cant be suspended for watching jasasm

She said her source said snooping, no one said what it was about.

Q: kinda confused here you mean mac/maxie finding out this late isn't going over well wit the audience?

Source said over well with Maxie and Mac.

Q: What is the difference between GW's and RC's view? Can you ask source to explain?

Source said GW wanted to make Liz more interesting. Having more of an edge but less sympathetic. GW loved the character of Liz but source said it did not come across ( that is sources opinion) Valentini and co want Lucky back to reunite with Liz, although there will be some Ewen time coming up

Q: Source anything on Alexis

GW had some stuff with Mac and Diane and Alexis being jealous and the menopause story. Not sure if that has been cut

Q: To just end that story you mean? Will we ever find out why luke is being so strange about the marriage? You still think Tracy will have scenes with Todd regarding ELQ?

Source heard that ELQ would be in trouble financially regarding the Az/ Tracy union and heard Todd would be involved That was close to a month ago.

Q: Source are you still here?
Any new info on what tracy might be up to? Or if she is at all in luke's story or still az?

Source said Johnny's scenes with Tracy were to be longer today. Said the Solieto money played heavily into GWs plan but source thinks this is being tweaked.

Q: Anything on Kimberly returning? Feels like Robin and Scrubs are only ones not benefiting from her death. Can you give any hope that RC is going to do right by them in the end?

Do you ever get tired of repeating the same question for hours on end? If Robin is returning you won't know about it. It will be a well kept secret. No one knew TSJ/Victor was returning until his face showed up on screen.

Q: Do you ever get tired of answering for HNY? I am speaking specifically to them and that is why it id addressed to them. If I wanted a random anon response I would ask for that.

Not a random response. I spoiled several weeks ago that Patrick would be pulling a Noah and that the explosion takes place on a little used GH set.

Q: So RC had the chance to edit out that crap robin spewed and they keep spewing and left it in. Fail almost immediately

I can take this one. He could only edit out so much and still have material to fill the episode. Editing out those Liz/Robin scenes would have left the episode substantially short. Why do you think the Robin/Jason scenes were so damn short today? They were edited to the bone.

Q: I knew that they could have cut all of that and chose not to. If JC is gone a s Ewen appears to be following, I still see Patrick being the next liz victim. They were screaming it in these episodes. Making sure everyone knew it was Robin's dying wish so when she really dies it is inevitable.

No they couldn't have cut all of that because there was not other material to fill it. Notice how long the Skate and Johnny/Carly scenes are in comparison to the Jason/Robin and Jason/Sam ones? That is because some have been cut to hell to cut down on the worst part of GW's Robin's dying story and the Franco story and the others don't need to be.

Q: Robin and Jason scenes were not short at all.I would have preferred they left it at her telling him his brain was swelling and ending it before she once again started talking about her replacement. Then drop some scenes in there somewhere. The only scenes extremely short were Sam and Jason's.

Robin and Jason scenes were extremely short today and the Liz line was one line meant to try and illustrate to Jason that he can't be making stupid decisions to spare his wife like she tried to do with Patrick

Q: LOL yeah right. Robin still spewing about Liz being perfect for Patrick and Liz not saying no is enough to make sure the nasty plan is still out there for when Robin really dies.

Liz is not the one who picks Patrick up when he pulls a Noah. Noah himself plays a part in that. There is nothing in the plans for Patrick/another woman. Never say never but right now that isn't in the plans.

Q: Liz is so going to "save" Patrick. It is obvious.

No what is obvious is that you are seeing a hybrid of RC/GW scripts. For example the Robin asking Liz scenes were taped shortly after the new team started so they had little edits to them but as time has gone on there have been more edits. Liz was going to be interacting a lot more with Patrick these last couple of weeks but that was cut. The Robin asking Liz references were kept in mostly to build up Matt's reaction to Liz. If you notice he is the one obsessing about it.

Q: Noah is back for two episodes that seems quick to be able to really help. So Liz isn't the [one] helping? What happens to Patrick professionally?

Don't know specifically. Just that his drinking causes issues at work. If I had to guess probably has also to do with him lashing out at the mobsters, even though Jason has little to nothing to do with all of the current violence going down between Sonny and the Z's....

He [RC] had little choice to let the Liz/Robin scenes stand as they were taped shortly after they started. Go back and look at the scenes this week that stood. Neither Robin nor Patrick were in them. They were all about how Matt was reacting to it. Robin had one line but all of the rest his week was about Matt's reaction to it which then builds to his reaction to Liz/Ewan.

Q: The franco stuff is not gone because for some strange reason they get another gift next week that sends the headcase screaming It was already spoiled that it is the DVD that tells them whether Sam was raped or not.

They were supposed to get that by Xmas/NYE. It didn't air. So if they get it now then it will prob be referenced by Jasam but not shown.

Q: Thank goodness. A "PIZ" pairing would be awful. They let it stand and have now mentioned it too much for it not to be going somewhere.

It is going somewhere - to Matt freaking out over Liz and things ending with Maxie. This all sets up his exit.

Q: I wish an insider could tell me when and where do we see Sam & John in their 1 scene together.

Well you can relax because it's not going to be for at least another 5 weeks or so since he hasn't even started filming yet and won't for another couple of weeks.

Q: JMB hasnt worked. It may be when he scrapped the story, he now has to go back and add her in to other story.

You guys need to calm down and get use to a different way of filming. They film in blocks now. All the scenes in this set. All the scenes for this story and so on. No one is working more than their guarantee so if it looks like someone hasn't worked in a week that in no way means that that person won't be on screen for a week. They can film three or four episodes in the day they work.

Call times can tell you who is on what set and in what story but they are not indicitive of air time. and my last post cause suddenly I am in the insider lounge.
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