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Re-run on the web for the 1st time in nearly 7 1/2 years, episode #148 (original post date 9/13/04) is now posted:

an excerpt:
"You're nervous, aren't you?" Burt Lamont asked his new bride Janet Lamont.

"Just a little," she laughed, the butterflies inside her stomach doing somersaults.

"I know both our families are going to be a little surprised when we tell them we eloped to Davenport, but I think they'll understand." He pulled her into his arms and held her tightly. "They know how much we love one another."

"I know, but...."

"You're worried about what your mother's going to say," he nodded, fully believing that he knew the source of her anxiety. "Listen, knowing her, she's going to be a bit upset that she's not going to get to throw another big wedding like she did for Jillian, but she'll realize that a big affair like that isn't what you wanted. She might not completely like it at first, but she'll be fine."

"Yes," Janet sighed and looked away from him. "My mother."

However, it wasn't the reaction of Janet's mother that she was ultimately worried about -- it was the reaction of her older sister Judith. Janet was well aware of how opposed Judith was to her and Burt being in love, let alone the mere idea of them getting married. After all, Judith had been in love with Burt first and had insisted that, if not for Janet, she and Burt truly stood a chance of recapturing that long-ago love.

And then there was the baby -- Judith's baby by Burt. Of course, Judith had lost the baby after a tragic fall down a flight of stairs that Janet, temporarily out of her mind with rage and fury, had caused. Thankfully, Judith's memory of the true events of that night were hazy at worst and non-existent at best, but that had been gradually changing over the past few months. Slowly, Judith had been remembering bits and pieces of that night and had grown to have strong suspicions that Janet knew far more than she was admitting to.

No, it wasn't her mother's reaction that Janet feared -- it was Judith's. And if the truth about that night ever came out, Janet wasn't sure whether the band of gold around her finger was strong enough to keep everything she'd struggled so hard for from falling apart.

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