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Monday ("Brady Confronts Madison About Her Secret")
Lexie considers filing for divorce; Ian recalls his history with Kate.

Tuesday ("Marlena and Sami Have It Out")
Unable to move on, Sami clings to the past; Austin and Carrie reach an agreement about their relationship.

Wednesday ("Kate Learns the Truth About Ian and Madison")
Marlena forces Sami to take responsibility for lying; Ian pitches a business proposal to Victor.

Thursday ("EJ Proposes and Rafe Learns the Truth")
Will gives in to his true emotions; Rafe learns about Sami's affair.

Friday ("Rafe Interrupts EJ's Proposal to Nicole")
Sami barges in just as her son is about to make a confession; Carrie discusses her marital troubles with Bo.


SOW Spoilers
-Marlena and Sami face off.
-Jack rejects an offer from Jennifer.
- Sonny witnesses Will finally acts on his true feelings.


National Enquirer Spoilers
Sami discovers Marlena knows her secret.
Ej and Nicole's anniversary is violently crashed by a man Ej scorned.
Will kisses one of Sonny's friends


**UPDATED 2/14**

Spoilers For February 20-24

Spinning out of control.

After finally taking the time to digest the nauseating news that the woman of his dreams is already married to another man, Brady gets around to slamming Madison for keeping this sizable secret from him. Meanwhile, Ian is distracted from his wife’s problems with her now ex-boyfriend by some unfinished business with one of the women from his past – Kate. She learns all about his arrangement with Madison while Ian goes off with a business proposal for Victor.

Lexi starts to have doubts about her future with Abraham after she learns of the deceptive tactics he employed during his election campaign. Their marriage is hardly the only one in trouble, of course. Sami still can’t get past her problems with her husband… and her sister. Carrie, however, is poised to run away from all of these problems by taking off with Austin, if he can escape from Abby’s latest scheme to keep him. Sami’s life will get a lot harder anyway, regardless of whether her sister sticks around or not, because Marlena reveals her daughter’s big secret. It’s not long before news of it makes its way to Rafe.

Elvis doesn’t appreciate the fact that Nicole keeps attempting to unearth the things he’s been getting up to behind her back and issues a little warning. Then he asks her to marry him again, but his sex secret with Sami coming to light could rapidly bury that plan, especially when Rafe shows up to confront him about it right as EJ is dropping on his knee. If Elvis didn’t think this was enough to deal with, things at Casa DiMera get a whole lot worse when Stefano’s secret is revealed.

While lives are being torn apart in Salem, Will finally reaches his breaking point and gives in to his desires. After he opens up that way, he opens up in another one as he confides in someone close to him. Meanwhile, it turns out that Quinn has not been working alone, but his return to town has been part of a larger scheme. And John and Hope head to Alamainia.


Monday February 20:
Brady confronts Madison about her secret marriage.
Lexi considers ending her marriage after learning of Abe's deeds.
Nicole urges EJ not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
Ian revisits his past with Kate.

Tuesday February 21:
Marlena and Jack separately try to play peacemaker to decidedly mixed results.
Sami refuses to let go of the past.
Jack tries to make peace with his past.
Austin and Carrie come to a conclusion on how to save their marriage.

Wednesday February 22:
Kate’s connection to Ian is revealed.
Kate learns the truth about Ian and Madison.
Marlena exposes Sami’s lie.
Sami learns that Marlena knows her secret.
Ian presents Victor with a business plan.
Abigail develops a new plan to make Austin jealous.
Quinn reveals he is part of someone else’s master plan.

Thursday February 23:
Rafe learns the truth about EJ and Sami.
William finally acts upon his feelings.
EJ proposes to Nicole.
John and Hope head to Alamania alone. It's surely a trap set by Stefano.

Friday February 24:
Rafe violently interrupts EJ's proposal to Nicole.
Sami interrupts Will as he tries to come out to Marlena.
Carrie confides in Bo about her marriage woes.
A heated confrontation at the DiMera mansion opens a Pandora's Box sure to change things in Salem forever.


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