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SOD: Shocking Surprises for Stefano and Kate

Two separate events throw Stefano and Kate for an alarming loop.

First up, Kate is surprised to see a face from the past suddenly materialize in Salem: It's Madison's husband, Ian. "At this point, Kate doesn't know that Madison and Ian are husband and wife," clarifies Lauren Koslow. "But Kate is in total shock to see Ian. This is a man who has reappeared after being out of her life for years."

Based on Ian and Kate's conversation, it quickly becomes evident that the two shared a very tempestuous past. "It was a very important relationship," acknowledges Koslow, "and certainly, from what we gather, a very emotional one that broke off abruptly. You can imagine what that could do to Kate. Usually, not too much fazes her, but this is completely unexpected. Certainly, there are feelings that never got resolved; there was never any closure on the relationship. So when Kate sees that Ian is now in Salem, those memories come flooding back."

Which is sure to impact her marriage to Stefano. "Things have been very good between Kate and Stefano," notes Koslow. "She has come to love him and has really embraced being part of the DiMera family."

Ian lets it be known that he intends to be a very visible presence in Salem, much to Kate's chagrin. "It scares Kate. She wants absolutely nothing to do with Ian," Koslow explains. "He is definitely someone who has dramatically impacted her life, and that is a frightening thing for Kate."

In fact, just the physical proximity to Ian rattles Kate, especially when the two hover dangerously close to kissing. "It's one of those situations where you just know it's bad for you, but you want it anyway," smiles Koslow. "I feel like they had a very chemical relationship, which is why Kate really doesn't want to be near him."

Meanwhile, across town, Stefano finally opens his letter from Alice. The contents of the letter include an unexpected, explosive secret. The news is so disturbing and life-changing that Stefano breaks down in tears...


SOW: Surprises In Store for Stefano and Kate

Stefano and Kate are thrown off course by revelations that rock them to the core.

Kate is sent reeling when Ian McCallister pays her an unexpected visit. "it's quite a shocker," nods Lauren Koslow. "This is a man from her past who reappears suddenly. You find out that it was a very important relationship, certainly a very emotional one, and that it was broken off abruptly. All of a sudden, he reappears. You can imagine what that could do to Kate. She's thrown for a loop. Kate's normally not like that; not too much fazes her. She's very strong."

Ian makes it known that he wants Kate back in his life, and she's disturbed by the prospect. "Kate absolutely wants nothing to do with Ian at all," states Koslow. "He is definitely someone who dramatically impacts her, and that is a frightening thing. it's why Kate knows that she can't have anything to do wit him. He's a person that she was definitely impulsive with. So letting him back in would be a scary thing."

Ian, however, is quite the charmer. Ignoring Kate's resistance, he moves in close enough to try and tempt her with a kiss. "I feel like they had a very chemical relationship," shares Koslow. "She really doesn't want to be near him. It's one of those situations where she knows it's bad for her, but she wants it anyway."

Kate also feels torn because of her marriage to Stefano. "Kate is actually a very loyal person," Koslow points out. "Stefano accepts her. She loves him for it. She also enjoys all the perks that come with being a DiMera."

Meanwhile, at the DiMera Mansion, Stefano finally makes time to look in the envelope that Alice left for him. The secret it contains is like a punch in the gut for Stefano, whose life is forever impacted by the contents. Struggling to process the information, Stefano breaks down in tears.

Koslow teases, "Things are going to get very complicated."

Article scans courtesy of Forbidden Love.
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