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I truly think in Alice fashion.....did wahat a Alice Horton would do help the innocent in this case a ill EJ..the doctors of course needed a medical history of the family just in case blood was need or a donor needed..what if Alice learn that long time ago..a baby boy was born to mrs and Mr Santo DeMira...what if she learn that thanks to a doctors kept records.that was not distroyed was found and that the baby boy that was born was born blind, autism can't walk for example.this nbaby's name Stefano DeMira.......so Santo wanted to try again..he learns he was sterile and could never had anymore children ans since this baby was told would not live to 10 years he had to find someone to take over his empire so during his travels he found a handsome ababy in a orphanage or hospital abandon by a poor mother what if he payed off the mother and adopted the child as his own leaving the diables true deMira in that hospital or orphanage to the care of the poor place..a cold Santo never looked back and as his victim stefano had made he was the true soldier brain washed to be the that ultimate soldier the image of Santo ..what if Alice search led to the news that the true pheonix was still alive dispite all his health problems and lack of love and care..she felt sorry for the man now..and decided to help with his medical care by the way of the secret bank account in hopes one day she would see the real demira come and take his rightful place as heir to the DeMira empire leaving stefano penniless and alone
poor stefano always believed the man you worshipped got revenge on innocent people the bradys...was all a lie... and the father you knew toss his real child out like trash

that my friend would send anyone into tears that my friends is the ulimate revenge by ALICE HORTON who is now laughing in her grave
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