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Feb 9 2012, 06:37 PM
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Feb 9 2012, 12:56 PM
EJ is a kick ass DiMera - why take it away - what is MarDar's motivation down the line?
I am sick to death of EJ being the center of the DiMera universe. Ever since he came on the other DiMera characters had to take a backseat or prop him. Stefano, Lexie, Tony, Andre, Anna, Benjy, Celeste. They have all been victims just because TPTB are so desperate to make the character of EJ work. I'm sure the same thing would happen to Kristen and Peter if they ever came back. I would be very happy if it's revealed that EJ is not a DiMera.
Benjy? Seriously? He was a total prop to the Kayla is deaf story. I always thought that story was a v. weak link. although the little boy that played Benji was adorable. He was a pull it out of your ass Dimera - like Chad. Lexie is a latecomer in the DiMera game. Anna is a DiMera by marriage and Celeste was a mistress.

The only one I agree on is Tony. He has consistenly been screwed by the recent cadre of PTB/writers.

Benjy didn't even show up until Kayla had her hearing back, so I don't know how he was a prop to the Kayla is deaf story. Benjy's actual storyline totally revolved around them figuring out who his father was and ultimately finding out it was Stefano.

In any case, I'm guessing the reference was to Benjy's return and demise in 2006-2007.

I totally forgot he showed back up & was killed off.

I still say he was a prop - yes she had regained her hearing - barely! They found him on their honeymoon, Kayla got her hearing back at the wedding. The story line was still in play - and they used a deaf actor to play the role. IF the story was all about Stefano finding out he had a kid, they wouldn't have gone out of their way to find a beautiful boy actor that was also deaf. They wanted to keep that part of the story rolling (K/S use of sign language etc.. Kayla relating to him and his inability to hear).

Tony and EJ are the only two that have had any longstanding relationship with Stefano. Benjy, Lexie, Chad have all been plot points IMO. Who am I forgetting? Renee. Renee was awesome.
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