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The show was a trainwreck before it even aired. There was already reports of how they had to retool it and how they were struggling with how to bring it all together. It wasn't testing well at all, which begs the question...why air it?

At least The Chew had it's shit together before they aired it and (like it or not) that is why it's holding up. This was a disaster from the get go. They should've at least made sure they had a show that tested well and was ready to go before replacing OLTL, which had all the momentum in the world at the time. Then again, I'm convinced ABC wants out of soaps so bad they don't care how bad the shows they replace the soaps with fail. They will just keep churning out replacements because they will figure they are still cheaper and lower risk, higher reward kind of deals. They just want out of soaps. Period.
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