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The hidden success despite the drops this week is B&B. The show just keeps chugging

Y&R is not perfect and still has some cringeworthy stories but Melody Thomas Scott's return as a stronger Nikki seems to have given the show a jolt as her return helped conclude and propel some new storylines. And for the first time in years I am seeing Victor/ Nikki as the central pairing and they are almost rootable again.

GH well there are no words. This shows 2 central pairings I don't care how big their fanbases are are just dull and flat with uninteresting 'realistic' stories and the rest of the show with unrootable characters galore.

Days for all the hype, someone has to acknowledge this reboot a bust.On paper these stories should be good but despite the returns which have been a bust, the show feels generic and flat. Its like they tried to turn Salem into Pine Valley but the show lacks the intimacy and charm and at times quirkiness of AMC. I actually find the show worse than Higley because it elicits no passion not even hate. EJ, Rafe, Austin, Brady are all interchangable characters now as are Nicole, Madison,Jennifer and Carrie. Sami and Will are interchangable also and the stories lack passion. So Safe is splitting up and Carrie might sleep with Rafe or Madison has a husband or Nicole might leave EJ. You know what I find myself saying big deal rather than wow. Sure there are some good scenes and some promise but as I said the show feels very sterile to me.And GH with 100K less viewers and lower HH ratings is still 100K ahead of Days in their key advertising demos.
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