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Feb 10 2012, 11:43 PM
The news about Princess Gina returning and John and Hope's marriage came out this week. That story will drag the show down.
Days just won't listen to their viewers.
The 90's sucked. So did the Princess Gina sl back then.
The writing is terrible!
I think the story with the John/Hope marriage could get interest if it's properly paced and has some stakes. At the moment it seems to be a non-event but hopefully will build up.

Most of the writing on the show is plodding. Even if something big happens, it's spoiled through being rushed, or seeming to be dragged out. Carrie/Rafe were the former, Sami/Will the latter. Will has been crying and yelling and huffing and puffing for months, so when he actually confronted Sami about the sex with EJ, it was just same tantrum, different day. It was, to me, a big anticlimax. Meanwhile, Sami finding out about Carrie/Rafe when they'd just been thrown together was drowning out most of the potential drama of what would happen months from now.
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