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I find it interesting that Days keeps getting excuse after excuse. Just maybe the general audience doesn't think these stories or the canvas of characters are oh so interesting.I know I don't. Practically every male is a carbon copy of each other. They haven't turned EJ for example into a grey character they have completely deballed him. Nicoles charm and insecurities, part of what made her rootable is gone. She doesn't come across smart or wanting to know anything due to insecurity it just comes across like shes nosy. Carries charm completely escapes me, Austin eh,Madison has a husband whoopee. And Bope and Jarlena in another nostalgiafest? Snooze. Why should longtime viewers care about any of this when the first time these stories were told they were actually engaging.Maybe just maybe online doesn't speak for the general audience. Will/EJ was actually interesting but this show has no guts. Now that might have been fascinating.If I actually cared about Carrie and Austin I might like the Abby element more . I said and I stand by it Days lost its personality.

I do think ratings always have external factors that play into them. Weather, preemptions, counterprogramming but while weather could be an excuse, it hasn't hurt B&B or Y&R. OLTL saw its strongest rating period last year in July and August. As for renewals who knows. Days was renewed last time when Jeff Zucker was on his way out so we won't ever know the real reasons behind it.

I do hope the show can get some positive buzz going. They had some with Will's story that has now seemed to fizzle.
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