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Feb 11 2012, 01:31 PM
Feb 11 2012, 01:25 PM
Does anyone else think that if the upcoming continuation of "Dallas" turns out to be successful that we might see a season three DVD release for "Knots"? Surely, the DVD sales of the older sets for "Dallas" will see a bump and maybe the WB will give Knots another chance. What do you guys think?
Sadly, I think that's pretty much our last hope at seeing further DVD releases of KL -- at least by WB.

My dream scenario would be for Shout!, which has acquired the rights to numerous television shows that had either been discontinued -- or never released at all -- and given them proper DVD sets, to do the same for KL. The show would probably get better treatment (in terms of extras/special features) from them than it would through WB, anyway.

Clearly, I haven't thought about this much at all, LoL.
I've heard rumors about Shout! acquiring the rights to them as well from one of the strictly Knots Landing boards. I picked up the first two seasons from Newbury Comics, but I'm hesitant about watching them because I don't want to get into the show/invested in the characters and then be cut off. Anyways, I do hope Shout Factory can obtain the rights to the show, as I'm anxious to see what happens with Gary/Val in California. Falcon Crest really should be given another chance too. I think they only released one season for that.
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