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Feb 12 2012, 10:28 AM
Feb 10 2012, 11:27 PM
OK, have to add: There's not enough Martha! Like all the scenes with her, though.
She's a guest star but has been blended in nicely. Glad you checked out the show. It's one of those that has improved each season. What they're doing, producing these much longer episodes than most web series with no budget is pretty amazing. What I like most is that there's a solid plan with the writing. Whatever other issues, the writer knows where his story is going.
I did like the length of the episodes, but admittedly am spoiled by powerhouses like "Anyone But Me" (I'm assuming you're familiar with that one since 11 million people watch this lesbian series and you're very well knowledgeable of all the web shows.) ABM is a few minutes per episode and it's very well written and immediately draws you in and has awesome cliffhangers.

But, there are tradeoffs to everything in life. While ABM is short per episode and great for the working soap fan on the go, I'd imagine that the boxed set leaves much to be desired. If you get a whole season on DVD, and there are just seven or 10 episodes at five or 10 minutes apiece, at $20? Not worth it...

On the flip side, if the websoap, like Anacostia, makes full-length episodes at 30 minutes or an hour (closer to traditional television), it really draws you in, but it's not for the working person, but the boxed set is worth it! lol.

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