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I don't mind bedhopping on a soap it is a soap opera where infidelity is a staple I just think every beat in each story is predictable. And this is DOOL. There is no danger of any real longterm shakeups to any couple or story. Wills story garnered interest due to the Ejami romp and the blackmail. It was different. Thats it. The show needs some serious modernization productionwise. B&B, GH, Y&R look 100 times better but I don't know the answer.

GH as terrible as it is has still managed to hang on to its demos so if it can regain viewers they might have a shot at getting their demos up. In the end it likely won't matter but who knows

The CBS show are still holding their demos despite viewer losses. It will be interesting to see if Cane/Lily's wedding this week helped them
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