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Feb 17 2012, 05:51 AM
Feb 17 2012, 01:28 AM
Looking at the dailies over at SON, Days did a 1.7 on Wednesday. If not for that day, they would've done a little bit better. I had expected Tuesday to have that sort of number because Days was preempted in NY for the Gianta parade. I was wondering if there was a mistake and the 1.7 was really the Tuesday number. That was quite a drop. Then again, the show dropped to 2.3 million viewers on Friday too but Fridays are always rough for the soaps so I expect a low number there.

Regardless, the numbers were as expected as I knew one day would be low for the parade preemption. Not bad for Days, especially given the season to date numbers. The demos are the concern though. Those got to increase. Even if the show's situation isn't as dire as we think because of season to date numbers and online numbers, those numbers still need to improve. Hopefully, the big reveal coming up will help bump those numbers up but the show needs to see the demos go up and stay there and one big week isn't going to do it.

I feel bad for GH. No way can it increase with the lead in it has now. Ugh.
Days dropped on Friday because of the John and Hope crap.
The ratings will only get worse for Days.
With no Bo and Hope and John and Marlena coming up in the next month and all the John and Hope crap coming the show is certain to lose viewers.
Days are last in the key demos. Thst's not good.
The only bright spot is Bryan Datillo's return.
One story does not bring the ratings down. Never has and never will. Just like one story doesn't bring them up.

Days has been on a downward spiral well before this story with John, Hope, Bo, and Marlena began.
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