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Feb 19 2012, 12:27 PM
Feb 19 2012, 11:49 AM
And while Meng talked about cost reductions, Gary Tomlin was the genius behind that model.
I see what you're saying, but Gary Tomlin's "genius" in other areas led to the need for a reset in the first place. I don't think it's out of line for the current team to take credit, at least partially, for the production model. Tomlin may have thought of it first (though we don't know that for a fact), but if it had just been left to him, the show would be in very different shape than it is now.
Meng hasn't done anything groundbreaking and ratings/demos are worse than even the worst of Higley/Tomlin. Tomlin was also EP for the 2 years this show improved in ratings. Remind me who the EP was in 2007 and 2008 when Days ratings took a nosedive and Ej and Sam were front and center and I am a huge Ed Scott fan. Ed Scott.
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