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Feb 19 2012, 12:54 PM
Feb 19 2012, 12:36 PM
Meng hasn't done anything groundbreaking
I completely disagree. Also let's keep in mind that as I alluded to before, we really don't know who does what backstage. Sometimes the people who are not in the spotlight are the ones who actually get the most done. Tomlin got a lot of press, but that really doesn't mean much in terms of the workings of the show.

and ratings/demos are worse than even the worst of Higley/Tomlin.
That's just not true! Higley got the show down to 1.6 on some days, and people were speculating that if she stayed on, the show would be canceled.

Higley never hit a .8 in the key demos ever.

As for backstage, Meng doesn't impress me never has. I am not saying Tomlin was perfect but his production model is the same one Valentini gets kudos for. Any EP can bring back out of work fan faves and fire others but I am not noticing any groundbreaking changes in his production style or storytelling and he's likely lasted this long because he's a Corday yes man. Ed Scott who didn't have a successful reign showed more innovation than Meng but then Scott also learned from Bill Bell.

I am not a huge Valentini fan but his production style gives the illusion of faster pace. Better music, shorter scenes, split scenes gave OLTL a more contemporary feel. And a lot of the camp fit OLTL. It amazes me how the man that likely saved this show from cancellation and got it a renewal to 2013 and a potential 2014 pickup is constantly lambasted.
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