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The Room Stops
Feb 19 2012, 01:17 PM
Feb 19 2012, 11:38 AM
Thanks for posting this. So interesting!

My favorite part from Dee: “We still come to you every day with our honesty and our tenderness, and we comfort people in their homes,” she said. “That’s a thing Americans can’t afford to lose, especially now.”

Dee is so right. Marlena has the most comforting voice and no matter what's going on in your world, she puts you at ease.
I agree. That's why I got hooked on DAYS way back when. The storylines were outlandish (I started during Reilly) and weird, and I didn't quite get them, but I was hooked by Marlena and by John & Marlena's love story. I didn't need the writers to tell me John & Marlena were meant to be, nor would I believe that John loved Kristen or Marlena was happy without John. Because when Marlena was onscreen, she felt familiar. And when John looked at Marlena, I knew he loved her, and I wanted to see them end up together.

That's, to me, what soaps are really about.
Exactly. The cool thing is that, the way Marlena is positioned and the chemistry she has with John, in your banner, would give a non-fan the impression that they're a couple. You couldn't say the same about Brady and Madison or too many other couples on the show. They could be brother and sister or just friends. But Dee is positioned in such a way that you can tell Drake's character is her rock and he is positioned in such a way that you can tell they're a packaged deal. It's just natural chemistry. They look good together, they feel good together, and it's not just because of SEX. (Talking to you, Bradison!) The sad thing about the NYT article is that it gives the impression that, since women are "edgier" these days, we can't have a true love story that isn't based purely on sex. That Brady proposed to Madison after very little evidence of this supposed "great love" tells me that TPTB don't get the difference between casual bedhopping that may prevalent in many parts of today's real life society, and what that segment of society is lacking: true love.
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