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Viewing Single Post From: NYT: After some soaps' cancellations, others adjust
The Room Stops
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Feb 19 2012, 01:51 PM
Exactly. The cool thing is that, the way Marlena is positioned and the chemistry she has with John, in your banner, would give a non-fan the impression that they're a couple. You couldn't say the same about Brady and Madison or too many other couples on the show. They could be brother and sister or just friends. But Dee is positioned in such a way that you can tell Drake's character is her rock and he is positioned in such a way that you can tell they're a packaged deal. It's just natural chemistry. They look good together, they feel good together, and it's not just because of SEX. (Talking to you, Bradison!) The sad thing about the NYT article is that it gives the impression that, since women are "edgier" these days, we can't have a true love story that isn't based purely on sex. That Brady proposed to Madison after very little evidence of this supposed "great love" tells me that TPTB don't get the difference between casual bedhopping that may prevalent in many parts of today's real life society, and what that segment of society is lacking: true love.
I so agree with this. Natural chemistry, it can't be fought. IMO, they have the best chemistry on TV, soap or not. Because they look like they belong together. They fit. They seem like home. When John looks at Marlena, you know he loves her, and when she looks at him, you know she loves him. That's chemistry.

And Marlena was edgy when she first came on, and she still can be, but that doesn't mean she whores around or talks dirty or screams to get her way. Marlena had three beautiful love stories within 10 years, and you didn't doubt that she loved each man differently and fully. Her relationship with Don was sweet, her relationship with Roman was cute and funny, and her relationship with John (who turned out to be Roman at that time) was sassy and intimate, and passionate without them having sex until five months after they started to have feelings for each other. People knew who Marlena was within months of her being on, because she stood for something. But also what she stood for is what allowed her to have flaws and make mistakes, because she was passionate and protective of the people she loved.

I still don't know who Madison is, and sadly I don't care (I want to, because Sarah Brown is fabulous), because they haven't given me a reason to. Her scenes with John and Marlena were a beautiful start, but they kept her so isolated to Brady and having sex with him that I don't care now. Give her scenes with Abigail, but follow up. Give her scenes with Carrie and Austin. Involve her with EJ and Nicole, just give me a reason to care.

Same as I don't care about Sami or Melanie or Daniel. I see no qualities in them for me to like. Like her or not, I care about Nicole, for some weird reason. Even though she has few redeeming qualities, I care. I care about Stefano when he's written correctly, because even though he's a master villain, and has few redeeming qualities as well, he does have them.

Marlena's iconic, and that's not because of The Possession storyline.

People DO still crave true love. Look at the shows that are hits with the internet audience right now like Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Castle, Glee (ugh) and even older favorites like Bones and Grey's. They're all, in the end, about a love story. Most people don't watch Castle and Bones to see the crime solving, they wanna see the relationship between the main characters. We still want true love, we're just more allowed to bedhop while we wait.
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