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Renee Dimera
Jan 9 2012, 12:48 PM
Mary Page Keller is more gorgeous than ever. She turns in an amazing performance in last year's film Beginners, which has won numerous independent film awards and will likely have Oscar nominations. She plays the wife (in flashback scenes) of Christopher Plummer, an older man who comes out as gay after his wife dies. Mary Page gives such a subtle, heartbreaking performance. It reminded me of why I adored her so much on AW.
She most certainly is I like to categorize her as "Classic Beauty" and I had no idea of this movie Beginners you spoke of so I went found the trailer & to my surprise Ewan McGregor ("DECEPTION"<Luv This Movie) is also playing Christopher Plummer son. I will definitely take a look @ Beginners watching the trailer Christopher Plummer character made me LOL when he call his son up to ask about "What's the name of the "Loud Music" his new boyfriend likes.

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