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New JJ Interview

Q: Is Lucky going to return to Port Charles? (Jackson left the show in December; the character left Port Charles for Ireland.)

A: That is still in the same place it was when I left. It's still open.

Read more: http://www.ctpost.com/music/article/General-Hospital-star-Jonathan-Jackson-s-band-3347664.php#ixzz1n7lMj5b4


Okay well I told you all about a month ago that Jonathan (Lucky) had not been contacted by anyone in the new regime about returning. Well that's changed. He has been contacted now but he's asking for something that no one in willing to promise him at this time not because they don't want him back but because it would mean changing up a storyline already in the works. So far no compromise has been reached.

Q: Thanks. what is he asking for?

That I don't know. This person just knows I'm a Jonathan fan and so they've been keeping me in the loop about whether he's coming back or not and this is just the last thing they told me.

Brenda's first visit is supposed to be for the revived Nurses Ball run by Lucy. She is the big speaker on behalf of Robin. Doesn't want anything to do with Sonny but of course, it doesn't turn out that way.

Todd Manning and his wife will be coming in and out. March isn't the last you'll see of them. When the actors are not taping, Manning wages a campaign against Sonny from afar which will impact the PC community and specifically Michael and Starr.

GH is still in LOCKDOWN (and that edict doesn’t seem to be uplifted anytime soon), folks, so don’t count on any rumors, spumors, or spoilers as absolute. Ron Carviletti is infamously known to drop “fake” spoilers and then mix things up in a way NO ONE sees coming. With that, here’s some backstage stuff…

**No word yet on a Laura return, even though Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) is confirmed to be headed back to PC.

**The “lead” actor on his way out may not be Steve Burton OR Maurice Benard. It’s rumored that Anthony Geary is not real thrilled with the way Carviletti is planning on taking Luke. Carviletti is a big fan of Claire Labine’s writing, and remember that Geary publicly stated that he hated the way Labine wrote Luke when she was at GH’s writing helm. According to Geary, he didn’t like the way Labine took away Luke’s scoundrel-ness (I know, not a word) by making him a happy family man. Rumor is, Geary is also very unhappy with the idea of possibly making Ethan a Scorpio. Geary originally fought hard to make Ethan Luke’s illegitimate son, was all for the whole Luke-cheated-on-Laura-and-she-was-okay-with-it crap, even though the fans - especially long-time GH and Luke and Laura fans - were disgusted with it. So it’s possible Geary may be out before Laura can even make a comeback. Which may mean…

**It has yet to be confirmed that Jonathan Jackson will reprise his role of Lucky, and he may not at all, especially if Anthony Geary leaves and Genie Francis is a no-go. Although Carviletti and Valenti will do and agree to almost anything to make Jackson return, they may not assure him the one thing he’s insisting on if he DOES decide to come back - and that’s an LnL2 reunion. Reportedly, Carlivetti and Valenti aren’t sure a LnL2 reunion is worth it.

**It also has yet to be confirmed that Kristina Wagner and Jack Wagner may reprise their roles as Felicia and Friscoe Jones, respectively. Though Kristina Wager hinted at it, as did Hunter Tylo when Jack Wagner was let go from B&B, there’s no word from the higher-ups if this will come to fruition.

**Katie Couric has reportedly stated she would love for GH to be the lead-in for her new show this fall. But that could be because she doesn’t want to face a backlash from daytime fans if GH is cancelled. It’s well-known that this backlash is the reason “The Chew” and “The Revolution” are fairing so poorly in the ratings. But will ABC’s Paul Lee listen? It’s possible. Lee has publicly stated no decision has been made yet regarding GH’s future, but with Couric’s support of GH, things look more promising that GH may be given a reprieve (albeit temporary).

**GH’s ratings for February sweeps were abysmal, though that was to be expected, even by the network. But now that Carlivetti’s episodes have officially begun airing, GH and ABC are expecting (praying! hoping!) that the ratings will rise. And they should, if not temporarily, simply because fans will most likely check back in again to see what Carlivetti’s made of, but some fans have already shut the door on GH before Carlivetti could even open it.

**Carlivetti met with all the main players of GH to go over his plans for their characters’ storylines, and many are excited about the prospects.

**Some GH actors are already looking for gigs for when GH does officially get their pinkslip. Some may be leaving acting all together, some are putting out feelers to what would be the three remaining daytime soaps, others are hoping to jump to primetime and the big-screen. But it’s rumored that all the actors are prepared for GH’s end, considering its’ end has been rumored for months and months.

**You’ve all probably read Jenn Lilley’s tweet regarding the harsh and mean treatment she’s been receiving, especially since it was announced that she’s now officially Kirsten Storms replacement as Maxie. She’s received support from fellow actors who empathize with the actress, but many fans seem to think she needs to grow a thicker skin. Maybe she should visit the Rebecca Herbst and Kelly Monaco School on how to grow a Thick Skin. Herbst and Monaco are probably the most viciously attacked actresses in daytime, personally and regarding their characters, and yet both women know how to handle it, and more importantly, ignore it and move on.

Rumors, Spumors, Spoilers or…fanfic?

Robin’s Death:
**Sam, Monica and Patrick agree to keep Robin’s “death” from Jason for his protection, but when he finds out the truth, he is NOT going to happy. Especially with Monica and Sam?
**Maxie feels like Robin’s “death” is her fault?
**A drunk and grieving Patrick will still confront Jason over his being a crappy non-father to Jake?
**Liason Fans Heads-Up: Jason and Elizabeth are reported to have quite a few scenes in the upcoming month as they grieve Robin’s “death”.
**Maxie will insert her unwanted self into Patrick and Emma’s life now that Robin is “dead”?
**Maxie flips out when she learned what her beloved cousin promised of Elizabeth?
**Robert Scorpio may return to GH at some point in the near future?
**Many vets return for Robin’s funeral?

**Monica and Sam keep Robin’s “death” a secret from Jason for the sake of his health, but will his anger at being kept in the dark only make his condition worse?
**Jason dreams on the OR table again of Jake and the JaSam baby?
**Sam risks her baby’s life to save Jason? (Think: Genetic protocol)
**Sam won’t risk her baby’s life but asks Elizabeth the unbelievable: to exhume Jake’s body for his genetic material to save Jason’s life? (FYI: This is medically accurate. Bones are able to carry genetic material for years after being buried.)
**Robin’s death is start of many secrets Sam will end up keeping from Jason for his protection regarding his health?
**There’s a reason why Dr. Lee used the term “genetic markers” when talking about the JaSam baby’s paternity?

**Heather Webber, Tracey Quartermaine, Susan Moore will all be involved in this Jason/Franco mystery?
**Tracey will use what she knows to keep Sam and that baby out of the Q family for good?
**Tracey and Luke’s messing with Alan’s will might come into play?
**The mystery regarding Jason and Franco will also involve Steven Webber?
**Steven Webber is the one who is ultimately Jason’s saving grace?
**Jason wakes up from his operation a “changed” man?
**The baby in the DVD is assumed to be Jason…but is it really?

**Matt decides to persistently pursue Elizabeth who rebuffs his advances?
**Matt’s “obsession” with Elizabeth NOT being with Ewen has him going a little nutty?
**Elizabeth learns Ewen saved her the night of the Matt’s party, thanks to some help from Spinelli?
**Elizabeth soon realizes Ewen is up to no good? (possibly paving the way for Nathan Butler’s exit?)
**Maxie learns the truth about Ewen but deliberately keeps his bad deeds to herself as revenge towards Elizabeth?
**Elizabeth to be involved in the Jason/Franco mess because of the possible Steven connection?
**Elizabeth to go head-to-head with Heather Webber, Helena Cassadine, and Maxie Jones at some point?
**Elizabeth’s father to finally come back to PC?
**Elizabeth starts talking less and less about Lucky and finally lets him go?
**While Elizabeth is on suspension, she starts concentrating on her art?
**Elizabeth makes a major career decision?

Other stuff:
**Kate’s DID story her exit s/l, paving the way for Brenda’s return?
**Steven, Maggie and Olivia end up in a triangle?
**Helena Cassadine learns of Steven and Maggie’s secret, blackmailing them to do her bidding?
**Heather’s returns spells doom for Steven?
**Olivia meets a grisly end, courtesy of Heather and Helena? Maggie, the same?
**Are Helena and Heather working together?
**John McBain arrives in PC, but his real reason for being in town isn’t what it appears? And what is his connection to Robert Scorpio?
**Michael and Starr to become GH’s next great young love story?
**Frisco and Felicia step up as parents and whisk Maxie out of town when she begins to go off the deep end?
**Anthony Z. is not yet done with Maxie?
**Monica’s good intentions may finally give her what she wanted all along, but it doesn’t matter because she still ends up losing it?
**Is there more to young Jacob Martin’s death than what the town has been believing?


I stand by my drop where I said that Robin is absolutely not dead and that Kimberly has/is taping material that features Robin AFTER her "death".

I see people are confused about Tristan. I did not know for how long, or short, Tristan would be around. I did not make any statement at all about the length of time Tristan would be sticking around. Here are my old scoops about Robert and the "adventure sets":

"The key to this new regime, again, is restoration. Keep that in mind because it will play heavily in how story unfolds. Robert and Anna play heavily in this idea, with John McBain being woven into the theme of restoring order. The mob takes front in center, but in the direct opposite manner that it played out under Guza and Wolf."

"The adventure set return characters have a profound effect on each other, from what I'm told. RC seems to be looking to recreate, to some extent, the camaraderie between these characters back in the 80's. Them all being together will remind them of how truly great the "good ole days" were, which sparks some life changing decisions, some sharp changes in perspective...and a couple romantic reunions for long apart lovers."

I stand by all of this information. Robert's stay, however long, plays into the greater vision of "restoration". As does Anna. I mention John McBain in reference to the mob front, but if you look again I did NOT say that Robert and Anna were teaming up with John, or that they had anything at all to do with the mob. That is John's story, his own contribution to the "restoration" theme that plays very heavily with this team.

You will see, according to my sources, conversations between the old adventure set which lead to some profound changes, shifts in perspective, and is more in line with the interactions with one another you saw back in the 80's. Less hijink, more grounded.

I still am getting info that romantic reunions are spilling out for SOME of the older set. In particular Luke is someone who's behavior you should take note of. Some of this material may take awhile to unfold, and does not include just the people currently confirmed for return.

I did however warn that "Most of the onslaught of returning characters are short term, but a few will be here for a longer haul to restore and reestablish families long neglected."

- Emma Samms Insider

Hey guys!

Just a little tidbit. I preface this by saying this is NOT a spoiler, at least not one I can stand behind! So be warned. I already know some tend to get very touchy about information being 100% precise, in perfect time and order, and I don't want to leave any doubt before I pass this along.

I just heard that one of the very early story considerations for the Ethan paternity switch involved Holly knowing all along that Ethan is Robert's son. That the switch heavily involves Helena, and Holly was being retooled to now appear to have been trying very hard to protect the lives of all involved. It appears as if Helena has been strong arming Holly for years and orchestrated the Ethan paternity, as well as the affair, to further obliterated the Spencer family. Luke was to be revealed to have been under some kind of persuasion or brain washing from Helena for many years, hence him truly believing the affair happened and Ethan is his son.

I have no idea if any of these elements will make the final story or if it was all just the banter of early ideas. But thought it was interesting and worth sharing.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: Hi ESI! How are you?

Have you heard anything about Sam lately? TIA

Hi! I'm doing ok. Thank you for asking, I do appreciate that. :)

Yes. I've heard several things early on but nothing in quite awhile. Rumblings of a past connection to a certain brooding cop. Also that her paternity was very much on the table for exploration. Just vague early whispers nothing more.

Most of the talk that I heard was about Sam being revitalized as a much more independent figure. Spreading her outside of her husband's sphere, building connections to other characters, new to the canvas, and old, and giving her a stronger voice and presence. I hear Frank just adores Kelly Monaco and feels that her potential has been squandered.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI - Any word on if Emma Samms, Tristan Rogers or Nathan Parsons will return to GH?

Definitely plans for more Holly down the line. I hear that RC made it clear to Samms that he really adores Holly and needs her back.

I hear Robert leaves with much more story left to tell. I don't know anything about Tristan's plans to return, or not, or if anything has been planned yet.

I don't really want to comment on the Nathan Parsons situation right now.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI, have you heard anything on Liz?

Not much more than what I've dropped in the past, sorry. Her romantic status appears to be dependent on a lot of factors, JJ included. I gather that Liz's romantic status depends a lot on the status of the actors behind the few men who could be paired with her.

I've been told Liz is being carried back to her roots more. I hear RC believes Liz is pretty undefined and smothered. He'd like to add more definition, and fire to her.

- Emma Samms Insider

Do you know what kind of demand JJ would be making? Someone dropped that earlier


Demands? I've heard no such thing. Sorry.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: Thank you for sharing! Do you have anything on Jason or Jasam together (I saw that you dropped for Sam )

Jason's being thrown back into Quartermaine land in a big way, care of his mother Susan Moore. I hear that the Susan Moore murder mystery was one of RC's absolutely favorite GH tales, and he finds little loopholes he can go back and exploit to tie into today. The details about this are pretty well locked down, at least at my level of access. I hear that a hoped for Scott Baldwin return might be tied heavily into the Susan/Jason story, with of course Heather factoring in on some level. How much, or little, Heather is involved is beyond me because I know she's got story coming up with her son. I don't have any clue how long they have Robin.

I imagine Sam will be supporting him in that, but I stress that the plans as I know them are for Sam to be pulled in her own direction independent of Jason. I believe the days are over where Sam is nothing but support for Jason's story. I get a very strong sense of that from the things I've been told.

I can not make comment at this time about the Franco/Jason potential situation. I hear there is some conflict behind the scenes about how much, or little, James Franco the actor and his character should be factoring into the show at this point.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI do you think RC has any plans to do something with Sonny & Carly again?

Romantically? Haven't a clue. If they do I imagine it would either be short term, or because they couldn't secure Vanessa. Because the plans, as last I heard them, were 100% for an eventual Sonny and Brenda reunion at some point.

Someone asked about Laura. My stance on that has not changed. I stand behind that info. If my source turns out wrong, I will be more than happy to humble myself and apologize.

On one of my earliest drops, I said that there were several returns planned for the funeral. I do not know if they've secured all of them for the funeral as they originally hoped to. For example, Lucy, possibly Kevin, and Felicia were definitely originally suppose to be there. They were not the only ones. I fully expect both will be showing up, but I do not know if they've been secured in time. The original plans for Robin's funeral were akin to Asa's funeral on OLTL. A real symbol of a turning point in tone, vision, and a spark for several returns (most short term but not all). A lot of the "hopes", which is a word I do try and use, might either fall threw, or just happen later, and in different ways, than expected.

There is more going on with Robin's exit than meets the eye. This is the huge Feb sweeps story I talked of back when I first started dropping, that spirals out into a very large umbrella. Robin's faux death is THE big story that RC and FV are using to say "here we are".

Speaking of Asa there is a real possibility of Edward finally being put to rest. NO solid decisions have been made as far as I'm aware. It would serve to revitalize the Quartermaines, and bring them together in a way you have no seen in a very long time. Even if Edward is allowed to leave, there are plans to galvanize and rebuild the Quartermaines at some point. RC has dreams and hopes of bringing life back to that old house.

Robert is more "in the know" than you, and a few characters, might think. Keep that in mind.

For the many who offered thanks, no thank you! I'm glad to drop what I can.

Take care everyone!

- Emma Samms Insider

Hello all!

Not sticking around for long. Just wanted to clarify a point.

Again, I have no info on Hope and Cole perishing. I have admitted that my information is old, but I have received no update on that. My old info has Cole heading to be with his parents and dead to the world, like he was at OLTL. I had Hope being with her mother early on, and after that I don't know if she goes back to Llanview with her grandmother or grandfather, off with Cole, or sticks around in PC.

If another insider has out scooped me, I applaud them. I am not in any kind of contest with anyone.

- Emma Samms Insider

Brenda fans who want to see her again have no need to worry. I will leave it at that.

The only info I have on Holly was back during the early planning stages, and I mentioned that in an earlier drop. Most, or all, of that could have changed. The early ideas for Holly were all about redemption. That she's been stuck between a rock and a hard place for years. RC has visions for Holly being restored and her more recent bizarre behavior being explained. As my very first drop on the board said, they knew it was short term from the get go. I do believe that there is already another Holly return on the board.

The whole Susan Moore story thread was crafted as another umbrella story. It's suppose to drive Jason back more into the Quartermaine fold, give the Quartermaines a revisit to their history, and tie into the Webbers. The Webbers and Quartermaines have close connections that date back a long time. RC knows this and plans to exploit it. I would not be surprised if he mentions loving the Susan Moore murder mystery in an interview, as I've been told it's one of his favorite GH sagas.

The spring is more Webber/Quartermaine focused.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI Do you know what the plans might be for Tracy or to use Jane? So far it seems she isn't even working hardly at all. Do you think it will pick up soon? Are you hearing that Tracy/Luke will still be involved in any way or will Tracy just be used down he line?
I wonder if luke will be moved on with anna in story until Genie is back.

I don't have many specifics on Tracy, other than her being involved in the larger Quartermaine story that's planned for a bit down the road from now. I have heard she has a crucial place in that tale.

I have mentioned that RC is a fan of Ms. Elliot's work. That is at least what I have been told.

There has absolutely been talk of Ned and Dillion.

I know nothing about what they plan to do with Luke and Tracy. The over arching goal was for Luke to reunite with Laura, even before Genie was secured. I have mentioned before that RC sees Tracy as a Quartermaine, not a Spencer.

I am not sure what, if anything, they are doing with the Zacchara clan. There is a big blank spot there with my info. Someone else might know better than I.

- Emma Samms Insider

There is a planned healing between Felicia and Maxie. Frisco was not initially due back, not in the info I had, so I don't know how he factors in.

I've mentioned, and will reiterate again. Old school villainy is on the way. Evil bonds Port Charles together in the coming months.

Sonny has his hands full with a very much unstable Kate. But no matter what it looks like, or how devoted Sonny seems, the ground underneath that pairing is anything but solid. Sonny will lose Kate.

It is strange, but I can't get an update on Carly's future down the line. That's not saying much because my info always comes in fits and starts and is limited.

People are leaving. It might not appear like that for a time. But as I've always said, RC will finish out current stories while building new ones. Exits are coming, from newer people, and established players.

Ok, take care. I will not be back to this board for awhile. So farewell for now!

- Emma Samms Insider


Q: JSI, hope all has been well with you since the last time you were here.

I will happily wait my turn as we all are anxious for info but if you could please give anything on Maxie I would be ever so grateful. I'm hoping she will be out this Matt/Liz orbit soon as it just regresses her.

Also, we've heard Frisco may be coming back. Do you have any insight into this and if true how they would possibly hope to redeem him? Thanks for any and all info you can share.

Hi anon! Thank you, everything's been good :) As it turns out, the only info I have to drop tonight is on the Lucky/Liz/Ewen/(Matt add-in) s/l. I'm gonna Cliff Note it:

Ewen encourages Liz to date Matt. Why? Hell if I know. This s/l has been changed so many times on paper that I can't believe they're still doing it with the new writers [lolz] Anyway...

Liz dates Matt, but continues to be attracted/drawn to Ewen, as is he to her.

Exit Matt. Why? I dunno. Last I heard it was for his research [dunno]

Ewen/Liz get together. The plan is still as it was in August - bad Ewen, enter Lucky, which leads to [drum roll]

LL2 [cheer] (sorry, I still love them)

Q: thanks for the info. this is so last minute. basically it'd be a wham bam thank you ma'am type reunion

Sorry if I was unclear, the plan is still as it was LAST August, when I originally dropped the Lucky/Liz/Ewen s/l. Before JJ left and before NB was hired. That's why I said I can't believe that not only are they still doing this story, but it's basically the same as it was when I first heard about it in August, with the exception of Matt being added in (I assume that was done because JJ left kind of suddenly, but that's JMO).

Q: JJ has signed? Thx.

I know nothing about hirings/firings with the new guys. I just know that this is the plan for the story on paper. If they get JJ back, I'd imagine that's how the story will play out, more or less :)

Q: Do you know when Matt is suppose to leave?

I don't, sorry [dunno] If the story plays out the way it's written (if they get JJ back), I would *think* he'd be gone by or during May Sweeps, but don't hold me to that, it's just a guesstimate.

Q: Wait JSI Did you get told this AFTER JJ left?

The stuff I dropped tonight I was told yesterday. The first time I dropped the Lucky/Liz/Ewen s/l was last August, months before JJ left. I just assumed the story would be scrapped because of JJ's exit. Imagine my surprise

Q: Thanks JSI! I'm a little confused though. How is this the same story from last August if Matt is an add-in? How was this supposed to play?

The second half of the story was basically the whole story when I first heard about it. This is what I dropped in August about the s/l (Cliff Noting it):

Sio dies.
LL2 grow closer, but come to the realization that their relationship/personal issues indirectly caused Sio to die and go their separate ways.
Liz meets the new doc, Ewen.
They get together.
Bad Ewen.
Lucky to the rescue.

There was no Matt in the s/l (as a romantic option for Liz, at least).

Q: But JJ still hasn't been hired back. So I guess Liz gets to play with Matt and Ewen eventually leading to E&E until that happens right?

Yes, from what I was told, it goes in order: Matt/Liz --> Ewen/Liz --> Lucky/Liz.

Hey DD :) A couple things:

- I said yesterday that Liz/Ewen would be drawn to each other while she was dating Matt. Correction: Liz is drawn/attracted to Ewen, but Ewen tries to keep his distance.

- I said yesterday that last I heard Matt left because of his research. This is still an option, but another possibility is that he finds out Ewen's secret/agenda and is forced to leave town.

- From what I gather, Helena is behind Robin's "death"/disappearance, and if TPTB can secure these returns, Helena also has Lucky and Emily.

That's all I have for today :)

The gist of it is they like skate/lante/jasam and not 100% sure on this one but CarJon as well. Oh and I wouldn't rule out Jolivia just yet either.

Spixie isn't a done deal, RC isn't sure they have the right chem.

Elizabeth/Ewen are good to go, until or unless JJ returns.

Sam does deliver. Jason will want out but can he? Jasam/baby will have danger hovering over them.


GOS but here is what I was emailed goes down:

Robin isn't dead.

Robert and Patrick experience "visitations" from Robin. They assumed it's her ghost reaching out to them. But it's not. A drugged Robin is unconscious and her mind tries to reach out to her loved ones for help. RC is going for some psychic link or astro-projection concept.

Through end of March no one suspects Robin is alive. She doesn't know yet what comes up in April.

RC has a really good story coming for Lante. Can't share details yet but fans will like it.
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