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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Feb 24 2012, 10:52 AM
Well... damn.

The one thing I was most intrigued by (Lucas having a fiancée) is already a non-issue.

I'm don't like that Lucas and Sami jump into bed with each other and almost immediately tell Will they're getting back together. Can Sami be without a man for five minutes?! I mean seriously. For more than 10 years, it's been a never-ending parade of men for her. First there was Austin, then there was Franco, then there was Austin again, then there was Brandon, then there was Lucas, then there was Austin again, then Lucas, then EJ, then Lucas again, then EJ, then Rafe, then EJ again, then Rafe, and now it's back to Lucas?! Stop the madness!

I would love nothing more than for Sami to take a minute to be by herself and just breathe. It's time for her to figure out who she is without a man by her side telling her how to be. Wouldn't it be great if they both took a moment to assess the situation and figure out how to keep from falling into old patterns before jumping into bed with each other? What a breath of fresh air that would be.

As for the Countess Wilhelmina stuff, how does Lucas work for Sami as co-CEO when Sami isn't a CEO herself? And why doesn't Kate kick her to the curb after finding out she's a "mole?"

Meanwhile, I'm assuming this is a typo?
Lucas is feeling so vulnerable and exposed that he lashes out and says, "Well, you know what? I'm gay!"
That fiancee will show back in Salem.....remember I said that....there is no way my man who gave me a ring leaves me in HK and I just stay there wondering what is wrong. Even if he breaks up with me over the phone, she will want to see him face to face, I expect her to crash the next Lumi wedding, lol.
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