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You are exactly right. If any of Sami's "current" men are outed from the show, then there goes that fanbase, and Days doesn't want that; they can't afford that. They want all of the fanbases arguing and hanging on to see if their couple is "the one". That's why they keep throwing them all bones.
You're right...I agree that at the end of the day it's a business after all and they're trying to keep the fanbases happy. But I do believe that on the terms that BD left, their initial intention was to replace him with Rafe and never bring him back..But it was the fans that brought him back. There was an interview done with him on another site where he had answered a question I had sent out to him as to whether if he believed that most of the fans that fought to bring him back were LUMI fans, he said that most are hoping for a LUMI reunion. I believe that of all the sami/love interest fanbases LUMI has the most extensive fanbase..because of their history of course and new viewers will definitely root for them when they see their chemistry compared to all the others. Since the reboot they are definitely reacting to the fan responses...hence the rewrites. i believe the ratings will definitely go up when BD returns...as ratings went down when he left...(I stopped watching after he left...and never got on the SAFE boat!)
I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that "new viewers will definitely root for them ( Lumi) when they see their chemistry compared to all the others". It's hard to tell who new viewers will root for. Don't forget many of them are Safe and Ejami fans. That's pure conjecture, as is you believe Sami/Lucas have the largest fanbase of all Sami's love interests. We don't know that. No one knows how large any fanbase really is. There isn't anywhere to look for or confirm that.

As far as ratings going down when BD left, don't forget that within that same short time frame, Jarlena was also let go. I think it was a combination of those things, along with some lousy stories at the time, that caused the ratings to dip, but that dip didn't last too long. When they started the Grace and baby switch storylines, the ratings came up once again.
jarlena left on jan 2009 while BD on feb 2010

week after he left days lost lot viewers i not saying its because of him just the major drop of viewers happen after he left
and despite i am BD fan i do not think there be major rating when he will be back i think they will stay the same some lumi fans or just BD fan start watching already or some will watch when will be back but i still think they are

too many lumi fans or BD fans Disappointed from days too much after been treated by days and do not want to get screw again not coming back to watch if jarlena and jack did not brought the rating i do not think that BD that is only one do any chance in the ratings

and the ratings were good when nicole was control in 2009 the story not sami or rafe or ej for that matter when nicole was out of story it was not good ratings
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