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I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that "new viewers will definitely root for them ( Lumi) when they see their chemistry compared to all the others". It's hard to tell who new viewers will root for. Don't forget many of them are Safe and Ejami fans. That's pure conjecture, as is you believe Sami/Lucas have the largest fanbase of all Sami's love interests. We don't know that. No one knows how large any fanbase really is. There isn't anywhere to look for or confirm that.

As far as ratings going down when BD left, don't forget that within that same short time frame, Jarlena was also let go. I think it was a combination of those things, along with some lousy stories at the time, that caused the ratings to dip, but that dip didn't last too long. When they started the Grace and baby switch storylines, the ratings came up once again.
Well..that's my opinion...I don't think that if Rafe was written off that fans would fight this hard to bring him back to pair him back up with Sami. They never brought Brandon Back to pair him back up with Sami...and till this day EJAMI hasn't been reunited in any solid way.
Yes they didn't bring him back because they were going with LUMI which is why he left in the first place to make a LUMI pairing possible and that's why I don't agree that Rafe replaced Lucas. IMO Lucas was being phased out at the end of 07 when they shipped him off to jail which was months before Rafe EVER showed up and at that time they were toying with EJAMI And put Lucas with Chloe. So they didn't have them or more so Sami show romantic feelings to Lucas so I do think they wanted to go the EJAMI route but something stopped them and then Rafe came on and The SAFE love story began. I will also say that Brandon was brought back wanting Sami back but she chose Lucas and I will not discuss how popular they were because none of us can know without displaying personal biases or that any pairing or character wouldn't be fought for..
lucas was being phased out when they brought rafe not because lack of scences with sami he was being phased slowly out by children life while rafe was slowly got closer to sami children life
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