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Feb 25 2012, 04:57 PM
Helpless Romantic
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Well..that's my opinion...I don't think that if Rafe was written off that fans would fight this hard to bring him back to pair him back up with Sami. They never brought Brandon Back to pair him back up with Sami...and till this day EJAMI hasn't been reunited in any solid way.
Yes they didn't bring him back because they were going with LUMI which is why he left in the first place to make a LUMI pairing possible and that's why I don't agree that Rafe replaced Lucas. IMO Lucas was being phased out at the end of 07 when they shipped him off to jail which was months before Rafe EVER showed up and at that time they were toying with EJAMI And put Lucas with Chloe. So they didn't have them or more so Sami show romantic feelings to Lucas so I do think they wanted to go the EJAMI route but something stopped them and then Rafe came on and The SAFE love story began. I will also say that Brandon was brought back wanting Sami back but she chose Lucas and I will not discuss how popular they were because none of us can know without displaying personal biases or that any pairing or character wouldn't be fought for..
lucas was being phased out when they brought rafe not because lack of scences with sami he was being phased slowly out by children life while rafe was slowly got closer to sami children life
While I will give you that LUMI was ignored when SAFE became a couple in 09 I still stand by my point that the phasing out of Lucas began in Dec 07 and where he was shipped off screen so EJAMI "grow closer" in time for the EJAMI boink to happen and Lucas witness it. That ended LUMI at that time and not Rafe because Rafe wasn't brought in until October 31st 2008 with the WP SL but all through that SL and a bit before they were toying with Sami having feelings for EJ even kissing Lucas when they brought them back to BFFs thinking it was EJ. They had Sami daydreaming about EJ the stupid phone call etc etc which had nothing to do with SAFE but them teasing the EJAMI fanbase and isn't it funny how three years later and the PTB are pulling this same crap with everyone? ENOUGH. So that is why I don't agree that Rafe was a Lucas replacement or any character being a replacement for anyone because as I said before that argument can then apply to ALL her men.
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