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Bitches be crazy! Haters are gonna hate!


I own the first 8 yrs on DVD & they were my favorite yrs of the show bc i skipped the rest. Ever since George Clooney was on the show, I had a man crush & still do bc he's my #1 favorite actor of all time. I LOVED Cross too :cloud9:

Favorite eppys or storylines:

Season 2 where Ross saved a boy trapped in a tunnel during a downpour & the procedure was broadcast live on the news.

George Clooney's Exit s/l in Season 5 where he assists a mother in "killing" her terminally ill son w/ a PCH machine. Very good S/L.

Lucy & Carter's stabbing was an unbelievable episode. David Krumholtz as Paul & Liza Weil of Gilmore Girls fame were fabulous also. This also led Carter's pill addiction which was a terrific S/L also bc of Noah Wyle.

MUST SEE TV for me back then & still is w/ the DVDs. :popcorn: :popcorn:
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