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These ratings have become predictable and stuck. The only real story is the B&B pickup. I guess we can now see where some of the ABC fans ended up. They are up half a million from this time last year....that's interesting and promising for them.

What I am concerned about with Days is the same story in post after post: Demos. This show use to suck in overall numbers, but still soared in women 18-35 or women 18-49. It was always a top three contender, if not at the top of the heap. One might say living in the past by bringing back vets is killing the shows younger demos, but that would be the wrong answer I think. Months of no story to cling to what-so-ever would be the issue. Generation X and Generation Y have the collective attention span's of a common mosquito. You can't have stories going on with no points or beats playing out.

It's better now. The Will Story, once word really spreads and it gets going better, will start to help some I think. That story, with it's current pacing and honest/edgy vibe, will eventually resonate. The demos are bad because we've had months with no real flow or gripping stories.

Is this bad for Days? Yes, if it continues. BUT, do not underestimate this show. Days is owned by Sony.......Sony wants Days to continue.....Sony pays a fee to NBC if ratings get too low, but it's a rather low number the show has to reach. What is NBC going to replace Days with? NBC has no intention of starting a new talk show or reality show. Will NBC give the slot to affiliates..... It could happen, but not likely at the present.

Days, once the most expensive show to produced in daytime, is now one of the cheapest. It's actually making a profit (though not as much as it use to, it is further into the black than it was in 2007). NBC's primtime lineup is the most horrendous mess I have ever scene a major network get into. It is not even redeemable currently.

The only stability NBC has in it's entire line up are these: "The Today Show", "Days Of Our Lives" , "NBC Nightly News", "The Tonight Show" and "Saturday Night Live". IF the heart of the line up could get it's act together, or get just one top five hit in it's prime time lineup, I would be more worried. Add in the fact that Comcast seems to like "Days" thanks to online viewing and other key elements.

Days won't last forever....nothing really does. Days isn't in a great place, and if it were cancelled by NBC/Comcast/Sony.....I would be surprised, but not actually in denial or shocked. I just think given the current state of affairs with NBC/Sony, and the show making or besting it's budget.....Cancellation isn't an immediate threat.

The show with that clouid looming is GH......and that show has a lot to be concerned about.......IMO, from what little I think and know, it most likely will get it's cancellation press release by the end of June....Just a hunch
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