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Feb 27 2012, 05:52 PM
Love that post. And thanks for giving insight on the Sony thing. Just because ABC wanted out of the soaps doesn't mean the others are going too. I don't see DAYS, YR, BB going anywhere anytime soon. All of them have people behind who want them to continue as they are all family owned or partly family owned. Not to mention they are the only really popular American soaps worldwide. It will be interesting to see what happens to those 3.

Hopefully GH can cling on to another year since The Revolution is failing. I would really like to see them make it to 50 and then end.
Thanks....The soap world is a complicated place, as is most of the industry. ABC seemed like it had the best scenario possible, when they steamlined the line up and bought out all of it's soaps. That seemed to be a great idea at the time, but in the end it was the catalyst for their demise.

I think you are right. Y&R, B&B, and Days will be the last three standing. Some people think the networks will lower the boom on the last three and end them in the next two years. While anything can happen, I just do not think that is the road they will take.

CBC is going to say to Sony and Bell Productions and say "We are going to cancel two shows with 4.5 and 3.5 million viewers per day, and with strong demos, and give that hour and a half of dead airspace to the affiliates. We have nothing in the pipeline to replace it with, so the affiliates will have to fill the time with a mix of old primetime reruns. Sure, the network will lose viewers, and money, but we want out of the soap business bad enough to lose ad revenue"

NBC is going to say "Days, you are making us money, you help our affilates noon news broadcast, and we have nothing to replace you with that is remotely as popular or lucrative, but we are going to cancel you. We care enough to cancel you, even though we don't care about our prime time line up enough to really invest in it, and when we do invest, we are clueless. No, Days has to go...that's the priority.."

It's just not likely. Not in the near future. The reasoning isn't there. If something changes, and we hear about possible new daytime productions for CBS, or Days stays at a 1.6 or below for more than three or four months.....then engrave the tombstones. Till then, let's try to give them a fighting chance.
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