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Monday ("Billie Tells Hope That Bo Is Dying")
Hope moves heaven and earth to get to Bo, who is near death; EJ lures Lexie back within the Dimeras' influence.

Tuesday ("Carrie Tells Rafe About Austin and Abby")
Carrie exposes Abby's unfaithful ways to Rafe; Stefano refuses to release Hope and John's passports.

Wednesday ("Austin Hears Carrie Confess She Loves Rafe")
Carrie confesses her feelings for Rafe, while Austin is within earshot; fear for Brady's safety forces Madison to return her engagement ring.

Thursday ("Abigail Decides to Finally Confess to Austin")
Abigail misreads Austin's cues, resulting in rejection; Kate identifies Sami as the mole and vows to make her pay.

Friday ("Rafe Checks on Nicole and Discovers the Truth")
Rafe learns Nicole's been hiding her pregnancy from EJ; Abe becomes ostracized from his family.

National Enquirer Spoilers
-Lucas and Will have an emotional reunion.
-Hope is frantic having heard Bo's condition.
-John and Hope are caught breaking into a government office.
-Kate forces Sami to burn the midnight oil.
-Rafe discovers the secret Nicole's been hiding.
-Lucas finds himself caught between his mother and Sami.

SOW Spoilers
-Sami is angered to discover how much Lucas's life has changed since living in Hong Kong.
-Austin makes a heartbreaking discovery.
-John and Hope are presented with a new obstacle in Alamainia.

**UPDATED 3/6**

Spoilers For March 12-16

On the edge.

Lexi manages to resuscitate Bo but he continues to verge on death. His brain is barely functional. Billie chats with Hope on the phone about how close to the end he is. Hope can’t handle being so far away. She and John are desperate and have to break into the Alamainian government offices to retrieve their passports just so they can get out of the country. The spy and his accomplice don’t pull this off. Stefano catches them and refuses to let them have their passports back.

It turns out that Elvis’ overtures are actually starting to work. Lexi begins moving back into her family’s orbit. Abe tries to pull her back into his but she pushes him away. He falls further into the dumps when he is told that Theo doesn’t even want to see him.

Carrie opens up to Rafe about Austin having a torrid affair with Abby. She feels terrible about it and actually blames herself for pushing him away. While Rafe is comforting her, Billie is comforting Austin. She promises that she can help him repair all of the damage done to his relationship. His hopes aren’t that high after he overhears Carrie talking about how much she loves Rafe. Unfortunately for her, Rafe doesn’t think they can be together while they are married to other people. Meanwhile, Abby and Mel’s relationship starts to fall apart again when Mel learns that her friend has actually fabricated this entire affair and destroyed a marriage in the process. Mel encourages her friend to confess but Abby fears that will make Austin hate her even more than he already does. Later, when she is on the verge of confessing, Austin tells her that Carrie is with Rafe now. Abby’s elated but Austin insists that doesn’t mean they will ever be together.

In a bid to protect Brady from Ian, Madison returns the ring he gave her and insists that they are finished. Meanwhile, Billie is settling in at CW. Kate explains the mole situation and that she already knows who the culprit is. And Rafe discovers that Nicole is pregnant. She swears him to secrecy but then hits some complications so Rafe has to call Daniel in to help.


Week of March 12:
Sonny has the grand opening of his coffee house.
Gabi deletes Melanie's text to Chad.
Daniel advises Brady to move on from Madison.

Monday March 12:
While on the phone with Hope, Billie tells her Bo's dying.
Lexi resuscitates Bo but informs the family that he's still in rough shape.
EJ works at bringing Lexi back into the family fold.

Tuesday March 13:
Carrie tells Rafe about Austin and Abby's "affair."
Carrie blames herself for Austin turning to Abby.
Billie intends on helping Austin repaire his marriage.
Melanie's shocked to learn that Abby has been lying all along and insists she tell Austin and Carrie the truth.
Hope and John are caught by Stefano, trying to retrieve their passports. He won't return them.

Wednesday March 14:
Austin hears Carrie confess her love for Rafe.
Rafe explains to Carrie, despite their longing for each other, they can't be together. They're still married.
Madi gives Brady her engagement ring back, trying to protect him from Ian.

Thursday March 15:
Abby decides to confess but when Austin admits Carrie loves Rafe and is with him, she thinks they can be together.
Austin reminds Abby they'll never be together.
Kate tells Billie that Sami's the mole. She intends on blowing her out of the water.

Friday March 16:
Rafe checks on Nicole and learns she's pregnant.
Rafe calls Daniel when he notices Nicole's not doing well.
Abe tries to put his marriage back together with Lexi.
Lexi resists him and doubly painful, Abe learns Theo wants nothing to do with him.


**UPDATED 3/8**

SOW Spoilers
-Billie has a tense reunion with Austin.
-Sonny reveals the identity of the person who invested in his coffeehouse.
-Daniel comes to Billie's aid.
-Lucas confronts EJ.
-Gabi gets devious with Melanie.

Can't Miss: Friday, March 16th
Abe receives disappointing news from Lexie about Theo.

From casting news:
While Bo (Peter Reckell) is in a coma, the character will be off the canvas for several weeks.
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