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I think while decent nothing on Days is compelling. I found myself not caring much about the EJ/Sami reveal because I just don't care if Safe or EJole split been down that road for 3 years now. Will's story just fizzled after the kiss. I mean that happens and you drop that moment or downplay it?

GH could give Days a lesson on vet returns and cliffhangers. Anna and Robert come back not just to mingle they are back for a major Event. Starr arrives and immediate tragedy. Im happy Lucas is back but the reason is kind of blah. EJ should have gotten drunk and gone looking for Will after the reveal in anger and maybe hit Will while drunk with his car causing Lucas to return as Wills life hangs in balance while EJ the new mayor gets arrested for DUI or more. Heck Nicole could have been injured in another car he hit discovering her pregnancy after the accident and maybe rescued by Rafe. I dont know something to add excitement.
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