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Mar 2 2012, 06:42 PM
Mar 2 2012, 06:39 PM
Well a lot of Days viewers missed one of the best weeks the show has had in a while.
But the thing is, even 85,000 of those who watched the week, still didn't stick around through Friday.
I wouldn't ever worry about losing viewers from a Thursday to a Friday for ANY soap. The worst day for soaps usually in viewership is Friday so you take any Friday in which you lose a minimal amount of viewers as a victory and Days didn't really lose that much. A soap could have it's best two episodes be Thursday and Friday and 99% of the time it would still lose viewers from Thursday to Friday. Hell, sometimes Thursday can be rated just as bad as Friday in terms of viewers. It seems the later in the week you get, the more likely it is that the episodes sit on the DVR until the weekend, which means those viewers who do that don't count in these numbers and only factor in to the season to date numbers, which is why I think those numbers are the only ones that matter because they account for all DVR viewing. I think those numbers along with online viewing got Days it's last renewal and will get them another one very likely as well.

I think Days' numbers aren't bad given the so called big reveal had no impact because it had no buildup and was far too rushed. The viewer numbers for each day were pretty good and the HH numbers were steady. As we saw in late 2008/2009, the kind of ratings increases that last are the ones that are slow and steady. Days has been slowly gaining in recent weeks. It will take time to regain viewers. Some weeks you will drop and some weeks you will move up. You just hope on weeks where you drop that the drop is minimal. That is how their 2009 ratings surge started with gains similar to the last few weeks. I don't expect any major gain no matter what any soap does. You may see a big gain for a week or few weeks but I think, generally, what you see is what you get with the ratings. I think there are just too many ways to watch these shows now and that segregates the viewership.

I will just copy and paste here what I posted in the other thread just to add to what I'm saying.

I don't think there is any reason to panic for Days. This is the same thing that happened in 2010. People panicked because the numbers were continuously falling, particularly demos, yet the show not only got a renewal later that year but a MULTI-YEAR renewal. Why? It's because of what I pointed out then and what I still point out now. You have to look at the season to date numbers. Those numbers include LATER DVR viewings and not just same day DVR viewing. It's clear that alot of the new viewers Days gained in their 2009 ratings surge shifted more toward being later DVR viewers or online viewers, probably because in 2010 Days was no longer a viewing priority for them like it was in 2009 so they could wait until the weekend to watch a week's worth of episodes. I know many who catch their soaps like that now. They do a marathon on the weekends. Anyway, I think online viewing and later DVR viewing numbers were strong and got Days that renewal, just like I think those numbers are strong now. Look at Days' season to date numbers currently. They have a 2.0 in HH and a 1.1 in 18-49. It's clear they benefit strongly from later DVR viewings. That is why I wouldn't worry. The show will likely always fluctuate the way it's been now, much like all the other soaps. I expect the numbers to pretty much stay the same no matter what the remaining soaps do now. There are just too many factors involved besides the quality of these shows.

Which leads me to my next point, which shouldn't have to be argued at this point because it's been proven time and time again. One story does not influence ratings either positively or negatively, especially in this era of being able to FF through stuff. You can avoid things you don't like as a viewer more easily than ever so I don't think there is any one story reason for anything going on in the ratings aside from GH. GH has been struggling for weeks and they are in the same boat Days was back in September. These numbers are for their reboot/relaunch so of course they went up. Like Days, they promoted heavily and had a big event to signal the transition in regimes so they were bound to go up like Days did for their big transition last September.

Also, in regards to Days, they couldn't have expected much gain when they rushed the Sami/EJ reveal. As I've said before, Days' biggest issue is the pace is too fast. They aren't allowing the stories to build. There isn't any time for the viewer to invest. The big reveals have little to no impact because of the pacing so, of course, they got very little out of the reveal. Also, I believe Mitch pointed out Days is surging in ratings in Canada and they hyped the Will kiss. Days was really stupid not to promote Will's kiss at all last week. The promo was the Sami/EJ reveal and that's fine but part of the promo should've been Will's kiss too. They should've had CM on talk shows and milked the hell out of it. They didn't so how can you expect any gain out of that when there was little promotion for it?
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