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Okay Gang, here's some more stuff from the rumor mill at DD. As always take this with a BIG helping of salt.

DD Insider's Lounge

Todd and Blair try to flip Carly against Sonny. Their plans against Sonny will go on even with them offscreen and will impact Carly, Michael, Starr, the Zs and the Qs going into May. Think media.

May is when they and possibly other OLTLers are scheduled to appear again.

Viki and Senator Cramer Vickers Buchanan would guest.

Possibly Clint and Natalie to appear briefly as well.

T&B are "playing" Carly but also not. They are playing ON her many issues with Sonny, from what has happened with Jax and Michael over the years and now with Starr. In a short time they will make their goals clear to Carly, but Manning methods may be more than she can accept.

This entire storyline is veering back towards the Quartermaines in sweeps as well. At one point a month ago there was the idea of having Todd and Blair team with Jax as a shadow partner but Ingo's status with GH brass is shaky at best.

John and Natalie were/are planning a spring wedding. His new mission has postponed that.

This as well as the Todd/Victor story is covered in dialogue.

Viki's potential appearance during sweeps would be both to check on Starr with the Qs and light a fire under John on behalf of her daughter.

I don't have script access. I do know Victor is back with Tea in Llanview but that Todd is still facing legal fallout from his shenanigans. One tidbit passed to me which is likely from the scripts has Todd saying that Tea refused to represent him this time.

Starr does stay with the Quartermaines. Expect a lot of mournful talk from Edward and company about how Starr reminds them of Emily. It's there to cement Michael and Starr as the rightful heirs of the Q legacy, and probably to hint at a potential Emily return.

The information I was passed said Todd and Blair have reconciled but it is not without rocky straits given the sequence of events.

Someone asked about the Manning marriage. According to what I was told Blair and Todd remarried out of town for love, but they also did it in haste without all their issues being resolved. This was in order to protect Blair from having to testify. They're together but on edge.

This plays into a thematic parallel to the bickering Quartermaines which Starr and her family provide for Michael. They have chaos, but they are still family and still love each other.

A poster mentioned Todd and Blair mirroring Sonny and Carly and that is right on target as well. Those issues will be explored for the Corinthos couple. The difference is Sonny and Carly are not likely to reunite, just resolve, unless they can't secure VM which looks to be a done deal.

I don't know the details. All I was told is that they married in part to keep her off the stand in Todd's ongoing case. They're in love but there is an element of crime to it, as usual.

no clue on Ted King.

I had heard word that he might have a character with a double identity, either Tomas Delgado posing as Lorenzo Alcazar, or Lorenzo posing as Tomas and that he could be Carly's endgame. But that was something I heard before word of the OLTL crossover came and nothing since.

One more thing before I go for awhile.

IF Todd and Blair return for May and I am hearing it's definitely happening, the real key to their attack on Sonny is someone already on the PC canvas and more dangerous than anyone knows.


I did not say there was a full blown Patrick and Liz romance coming.

I didn't suggest that Robin was going to be disrespected or that an eventual Scrubs reunion was impossible.

I certainly never mentioned Liz preying on Patrick.

- Emma Samms Insider


Putting all the pieces together.

I have no info on a full blown romance going through.

I have no info on a sexual hook up.

I am, however, trying to very tactfully prepare people for the possibility of something murkier happening between Patrick and Liz. A revisit to the ideas and wishes that Robin discussed before.

That will be mulled over. Patrick (not Liz) might even do something inappropriate in his grief. Patrick will be doing a few things that are off the wall and out of grief. I do not have any info at all about that going anyplace, them getting involved in a sexual affair, or becoming romantic partners.

- Emma Samms Insider


ESI, I keep seeing you talking about Patrick - about why Patrick is acting this way - that Patrick loves his wife - that Patrick will end up with his wife.

What about Elizabeth?


Elizabeth will not be lurking in the shadows, looking to pounce on a grieving husband and father.

She will, however, try and be there for Patrick. My info has here offering herself to Patrick as a shoulder to lean on.

I was fairly recently that there would be material featuring Patrick and Elizabeth discussing their losses, their grief. That serves as a bond between them.

- Emma Samms Insider

No matter what Patrick does, how he behaves, if he gets close to another woman/women, one thing will be made very clear for as far ahead as I have info. Patrick is broken over Robin. He is madly in love with her. He will NOT want to let her go.

The overarching love story for Patrick is with Robin, even while they are apart.

- Emma Samms Insider


I am restating (as was the case with The Tale of Two Todds) RC's top priority is resolving a mystery; how, what, why and whom happened to Robin.

I clarified RC, unlike prior regimes, very much values Robin's legacy as a Scorpio. As the risk of upsetting Patrick/Robin fans, that is a sentiment I heard KMc shares.

I never stated RC was not planning on a Patrick/Robin reunion.

I did state Patrick/Robin will not share any "immediate" reunion.

I did state KMc was swayed for a return visit. Anyone who tells you that visit/reunion is already scripted would be misleading you. RC is still working out which of his three endings can logistically be worked out. RC always dreams big. It it FV's job to yank him back to budgetary earth.

As for comparing Patrick/Elizabeth to Rex/Aubrey? I feel a more apt analogy is Blair/"Todd" in the wake of Tea's "death."

Patrick's grief will re-spark Elizabeth's memories of Lucky's "death." Some clues are being dropped and much setup work going on if you listen very closely. And the setup work is not for a Patrick/Elizabeth love affair.

In closing, do not be misled into believing what you are seeing onscreen currently is totally indicative of RC's priorities and where you will see characters say in 1-2 months down the road. This is only the start of launching RC's vision for GH.

I posted about Sam/Ewen scenes increasing and not even my source believes Jasam are ending.


So the sam/Ewen scenes taping this week or next?

I was told later this week and early next week.


Are you the same one that dropped something similar a few weeks ago about Sam, Ewen and Molly?

It was a few items and then we had the dark week. They tape again later this week and next. I was told Molly will be involved in the story. I do not know when they start filming her involvement.


For those of us that never watched OLTL, could you tell us what you mean by Blair/"Todd". In seeing promos, I thought they were an actual couple?

If a Scrubs reunion is planned at all, why bother to have Patrick involved at all with another woman? Isn't GH ending in a few months?

I love the Scorpios, but I think RC is going to find that Robin having her own family back is as important to fans as anything involving her birth family.

Are these three scenarios all resulting in Robin alive/ Scrubs reuniting?

The story I referred to was Tea's presumed death story which was a year prior to the reveal of Two Todds. Prior to Tea's "death" she asked Blair to be a guardian for her daughter. When "Todd" was devastated after Tea's "death," Blair stepped in to as his major source of support.

There are real misconceptions on this board on how FV/RC work.

This board insists the actor must first be approached AND signed before RC will start the setup onscreen for that return. While, there have been a few times where FV wanted a particular actor or actress, and only then did RC draft a story, it's far more the NORMAL practice for RC to draft a story, pitch it to FV and then FV sign the actor.

For example, RC began the setup work for a Roger Howarth return a full year before the actor signed.

In similar fashion, the setup work for a Lucky return already started. Patrick/Elizabeth scenes will be part of that setup.

How much plainer can I get?

-Happy New Years

Can you tell us if Liz will still be involved in her own family (webbers) storyline? Also, is the focus
still on Liz returning to her roots and the character being more defined and stronger?

I don't really care about a pairing. I want Liz returned to her strong, spirited, independent self.

I stand by my earlier drop,

RC feels Liz needs to face a crucible on her own two feet. An attempt to drive Liz back into Shadybrook's arms will fail. Think along the lines of his rebuilding Jessica to withstand so much stress her last few months.

-Happy New Years


Can you confirm or deny that Elizabeth and Ewen's story together has been dropped?

They are not dropped.

RC been reworking parts of GW's plans there.

-Happy New Years

HNY - Do you have anything on a Scott Baldwin return and what he would be doing if he did come back?

Relevant old drops:
Posted on January 30 9:55 PM
Can confirm KS (Scott) and JZ (Bobbie) return.

Posted on February 9 2011 6:46 PM:
Scott is on his way back. He brings news of Laura, too.

Scott mixes it up with Heather, the Qs and Sam.

His return also serves to change the "tone" where Laura is concerned, and setup her later return.

-Happy New Years

He's saying the overall MYSTERY of what happened to Robin is important.

I just need to know when that mystery begins to unfold because it's the part of the story I'm looking forward to now.


RC often loves juicy whodunit or presumed dead mysteries more than penning romance. That has been an often voiced complaint from OLTL couple fans regarding RC's writing style.

Patience, grasshopper!

The mystery was only launched a week ago.

-Happy New Years

It is extremely frustrating to drop info the best way you can and then have your words twisted over and over again
After a while coming back to clarify gets old
and then you no longer want to bother anymore so I tip my hat to ESI and HNY for having the patience to deal with this

It can try one's patience and tolerance. I grant you that.

However, to be perfectly candid nothing on this board equals being attacked as a rapist on the OLTL board. As a man that was the end of my tolerance.

-Happy New Years

What I don't understand though is RC planning a reunion for LL2 when Lucky is not even there. Why not give a good storyline for the existing couples that are there since the show is probably ending soon anyway? Why LL2 more important than the other couples?

Ending soon being the key phrase.

-Happy New Years


If you are here, can you comment on if Jason will be leaving the mob?


RC plans for both Jason and Sonny to leave the mob.

-Happy New Years

Question HNY before I go to bed (only up now because of that dang race...lol)

But RC seemed to drop that LIW story like a hot potato - is that the reason the Ewen story is being reworked? Was he supposed to play a bigger role in that mess?


From what little I gathered GW wanted to give Nikolas a twin that Helena raised secretly.

Do not hold me to that as GW's LIW story was in tatters before RC even took over.

-Happy New Years

do we know when heather hits town? Beginning of april?

ALso HNY are Scotty and heather back very short term like TR and Emma or will they be around a bit longer for story arcs?

Also if JI isn't back working will they still have the Qs involved?

Have you heard anything about STarr living with the Qs? We saw that somewhere this weekend.

I rarely give out dates because breakdowns set the pacing of scenes.

RC plans on both TR and ES returning.

My understanding GW planned to retire Edward. I do not know JI's current status.

It appears GW was heading towards Edward dies and Michael takes over ELQ story.

I did not get access to Michael/Starr's storyboard.

My understanding RC is positioning Starr as a catalyst for Michael to eventually flex Q money and power versus engage in violence like Sonny. In a strange twist of fate, I was told Michael emerges more Edward/Jax than Sonny-like. This will be noted onscreen.

-Happy New Years


When are we going to start seeing these exist stories on-screen? Is he going to stagger them? Is Robin only showing up at the very end or will it be earlier according to Kimberly's schedule?

I do not know the prior regime's practice, however, RC will use exits to serve particular plot lines or drive a story to a destination he wants.

Anthony, Matt and Kate are all getting exit stories. The setups already started and they take months to play out onscreen.

-Happy New Years

Is it logical to assume that Lucky is being held captive too with Robin?

I never stated Lucky was being held captive. The deja vu drop referred to the brainwashing revisit being under consideration.

-Happy New Years


You said on January 8: "RC/FV are very determined to inject lightness, comedy and especially the old adventure stories back into GH's wrap up."

When is the lightness coming? Because so far, they have "killed" 4 characters from legacies families of two soaps on freaking Valentine's Day no less. That's like worse than Guza.

RC certainly threw darkness, violence and mayhem, everything but the kitchen sink, onto the canvas all at once.

Now RC must heal the sorrows and that is the challenge. How to pivot-

-Happy New Years

With my project moved up by a few days, I have a little time today,

As for my "apples and oranges," I was told the network comparing The Revolution versus its timeslot competitors (ie The Talk).

Cost is the bigger driving concern than "lead-in" ratings. OLTL was providing the best lead-in of all their afternoon programming yet still canceled.

It is a mistake to conflate network and syndication slots.

-Happy New Years

According to my friends in the industry,

The ABC News division been experiencing "BIG PROBLEMS" long before Katie Couric was hired. They are on their 4th or 5th round of down-sizing and restructuring. There have also been several good reads in the Wall Street Journal covering those problems.

I do not know Katie's contract specifics. From what I am told her contract is similar in some respects to Barbara Walter's old deal.

I would like nothing more than to believe Disney has broken their deal to completely restructure away from soaps. Please assure me where you find any such evidence?

-Happy New Years

A few questions that not sure if anyone has asked you before
1) any plans you know of for monica? or will she be part of the story with heather mixing up with Qs ?
2) any new characters you know of coming to town who are not from OLTL? not specifics but do you think RC would rather tie in GH history and wrap up stories rather than bringing in more new people?
3) Do you think we will see ELQ in a busines sense at all...it seemed like there were business and people who worked on OLTL like Buchanan enterprises and the sun paper etcd


1) Jason/Moore revisit. Another insider dropped Alan. I can say he is on RC's wishlist.

2) There are a few more returns in the pipeline. I am not sure when or who they will be announced. That is not part of my access.

3) I am not really sure yet, as I did not get access to Starr/Michael storyboard and those ELQ dealings in there.

-Happy New Years


Any word yet on the sex of Jason and Sam's baby?

Biggest question will it be named Robin or Robyn

cuz its a universal name . :winkwink

Last name? Morgan or Quartermaine?

Heard there is a push for Jason to really assume the Qs heritage and name. RC likes these full circle type of stories.

-Happy New Years


You said that RC sees Sam/John as Tea/Todd. Does this mean he sees Todd as the guy played by RH and not TSJ who suddenly became Victor?

Also can you elaborate of what Sam would be doing with Scott baldwin. TIA

I heard ME/KMO interaction and tensions will strike a chord similar to how RH/FL were written last year.

Not yet.

-Happy New Years

Question: How angry is Jason at Sam for not telling him about Robin's death? Can you shed any light on this burning question. tia

I do not have access to the breakdowns to describe scenes to you.

I know there will be later fallout from Patrick performing this surgery.

-Happy New Years

Please do not twist my drops.

I did not state Robin's protocol failed in its quest to reduce the swelling and save Jason's life.

Patrick performing the surgery in his mental state is an issue.

Done in for the night.

-Happy New Years

A few words,

I have urged you to pay attention to the Elizabeth/Patrick dialogue. As I dropped, they will mirror Blair/"Todd" scenes after Tea's "death." The setup and dialogue are already quite similar if you pay close attention; Patrick lamented he "cannot do this without you" (Robin), and Eilizabeth is intent on keeping her "promise."

As I have shared previously, one of RC's foibles is to reuse his themes and material.

As for "suddenly?" That is an incorrect characterization.

I dropped RC was rewriting to a presumed death twist back in December, and he was a big fan of Lucky's "death." I have urged you to note the similarities. They are not coincidences.

I have never wavered RC wanted a Elizabeth/Lucky reunion and if you listen closely some setup work begun. I have maintained that is his direction, despite risking upsetting Ewen/Elizabeth and Matt/Elizabeth fans.

-Happy New Years

I dropped RC was planning a trip for Maxie, and this trip appeared to help facilitate a KS return.

I have stressed I am not unclear how the change in KS' status impacted Maxie's story.

Contrary to several posts here today, I have always maintained I do not get access to every storyboard.

-Happy New Years

so Ewen and Elizabeth is not happening romantically?

I made clear from the start,

Ewen was only a short-term plan.

Long-term goal is Lucky.

-Happy New Years

Good evening HNY

Always good to get some insight from you. Can't say any of it makes this Liz FF happy or hopeful but I don't blame you,. Just seems the qriters don't have a clear vision for her and I think that sucks.

Ewen/Elizabeth scenes provide some insights.

Elizabeth feels almost paralyzed by her own losses.

As I dropped previously, RC feels Elizabeth needs to face a crucible on her own two feet. It is similar situation to OLTL's Jessica who had become so weakened until RC set out to rebuild her.

-Happy New Years

I respect the frustration.

Generally speaking? For RC, it truly depends on the story.

For example, RC re-inserted John into Natalie's grieving immediately after Jared's death. I dropped that was no coincidence and their coming reunion arc including Marty's exit.

However, in a different example the similarities between Elizabeth and Blair making promises to a "dead" woman and stepping up two minutes after her "death" should not be ignored.

The similiarities to Lucky's "death" will be noted by more than one character. However, I was not suggesting they drive Patrick to believe she is alive. That referred to the impact on Elizabeth's character.

I understand the impatience for the Robin is alive reveal. However, this mystery literally only launched. The more viewers worry Robin is truly "dead" the more emotional punch she's alive! reveal carries.

-Happy New Years


Hi DD!

Not a lot new but there's a few things coming to pay close attention soon regarding Robin/Patrick/Anna in dialogue at the Drake house. Huge hints...


The Matt/Maxie/Ewen/Liz quad is about to get really interesting soon as well.

Emphasis on the Maxie part.

Do you have anything on Skate ending? Please?

Not a timeline but they aren't long for GH's world.

Insider do you have info on romantic E&E stuff around the week of 3/19? thanks

No timelines but that is the plan for them to be romantic.

That storyline has been changed and rechanged so many times under RC.

Matt also has a big secret.

Insider, anything romantic for Latte coming?

Yes. Liz is about to be very torn.

Heather Webber/Susan Moore.

This story is hard to get info for. thats all i really know for now.

Torn between Matt and Ewen or is she thinking about Lucky?

Torn between Matt and Ewen. Ewens unpredicitability continues with Liz which concerns her.

Patrick punching Jason doesn't end well.

Jason is still not in perfect health and Jason doesn't strike back.

Wait till Sam hears of it though.

Will Matt be there for Patrick?

Friends and family will try and reach out to Patrick but he doesn't respond well at all.

Patrick is going punch Jason actually in a drunken state.

Do you have anything on Sonny?


Mostly trying to figure out what is wrong with Kate and kissing up to Dante.

Scratch that, I do have one small thing on Sonny, nothing big but he's going to get in Carlys face and tell her to leave Sam alone in regards to Jason.

Matt is going to fall really fast and get too serious too quick for Liz.

She wants to take things slow.

There is no romantic Piz happening either. Just friendship.

Sam is not living at the LH, she lives at the PH still.

And there is nothing in my info on a jasam split.

Again no timeline,

But I think Matt is supposed to propose which sends Maxie reeling even further.

Matt proposes to Maxie?

Sorry no, Matt proposes to Liz. And I never said Liz accepts Matts proposal.

Don't care if you don't believe me on this one but word is SBu was given word on shirtless scenes, RC even lets the women know.

And as far as Jason finding out about Robin, my info states he is in shock, and angry initially, but realizes Sam's motives.

Then he feels guilty.

They were also going to have Alexis have sex with Shawn.

Don't know why they dropped it.


But just wanted to let you guys know that the Robert/Ethan paternity switch I hinted at happens next week. It's still a go from everything I heard, no matter what Holly said to Luke and Ethan recently.

- Emma Samms Insider

Thanks for the drop about Ethan's paternity ESI. It's really appreciated. Any chance Holly is going to look any better? So far, she's not faring too well.

I posted one of the very early story ideas for this paternity tale. It very much involved Holly being redeemed and lying because she is stuck in between a rock and a hard place with Helena.

But like I said when I dropped that, I have no idea at all how much of that was kept, and how much was scrapped. Back then, at least, in the very early stages there were clear attempts to make Holly look a lot better by the time she was gone.

- Emma Samms Insider

Did any insider mention Felicia coming back at all? Just wondering because of Carolyn Hinsey's tweet.

Hi! You are welcome.

Yes I did a couple of drops about Felicia. I said that she was originally planned to be back in time for Robin's funeral. I suppose things fell apart? Felicia was always someone I knew they were bringing back.

My last drop about Felicia is one I posted the 20th of last month.

There is a planned healing between Felicia and Maxie. Frisco was not initially due back, not in the info I had, so I don't know how he factors in.

- Emma Samms Insider

SI anything new on VMG's return?

Brenda will definitely be returning. You can count on that. I have been adamant about that and I continue to be.

- Emma Samms Insider

Yes, the Luke repair is a very conscious thing. I believe Happy New Year was the first to mention that RC is a big fan of old school L&L, and my info definitely backs that up. I said awhile ago to really listen particularly to what Luke says now. The change should be a stark contrast from years past.

- Emma Samms Insider

Elizabeth becomes a mainstay in Patrick's life for the foreseeable future.

But Elizabeth's story isn't all about Patrick. She is going to be all over the place, and crossing into several different stories, in the coming months.

That's all I will say.

- Emma Samms Insider

Again, one of the original story ideas that I was made aware of involved Helena using Holly.

And again, as I dropped form the beginning, that was a VERY early story consideration and I do not know how much of that survived.

The original plans were to redeem Holly in some way. To explain her actions in a way that cleaned her up. I just hope, for the sake of her fans, that they decided to keep that thread.

- Emma Samms Insider


Sorry about that, but it is a very sensitive topic given how insulting the show is being since Robin isn't even cold yet. Given that the plan was discussed again yesterday, I don't see where you were far off. I really hope they don't go anywhere because it is vile. Would appreciate it if you stick around.

Yes, I knew the subject was a sensitive one for a lot of people right now. I hesitated to even talk on it. I tried to be as tactful and understanding as I could though, please know that.

That is why I said the scenes look murky. I believe a lot of people will see a lot of things in their scenes together, even if I do not have info on Patrick and Elizabeth going into a full blown romantic and sexual relationship at this time.

It's a touchy subject.

- Emma Samms Insider


Then you will love him (Luke) even more after he saves Robert.

Make note of the positive changes in Luke's "tone."

[Jason] "Might" take back his name. Even considering doing so is a major step forward to embracing his family.

RC imagining the smile on Alan's face if his son 'finally comes home to him."

It is over time for Jason to come back home.

Add Michael and a new baby, and there will be four genearations of Qs.

The Spencers repair and a new positive "tone" been alerting you to watch for, has only begun reflecting onscreen.

After recent events, I share much of ESI's feelings. Especially regarding dropping more until the change in RC's vision is more, for lack of a better description, "more widely acknowledged."

RC re-emphasizing positive facets of his character shredded over the last years. Luke, in the past, was always a trusted friend to those he deeply loved.

Luke helped save many others in his past

Very good insight as to Robert's need to be the hero who can save anyone and everyone he loves. Robert was always fearless. Too fearless at times. Anna was the more cautious soul.

The more important the character, the more earth-shaking the impact her "death" should have on those who loved her. Such is the case with Robert and Patrick. They should be "broken" by her death.

Jason, as well, for Robin, after all, helped give birth to Jason Morgan. Consider her "death" may bring Jason back full circle.

Rapprochement with Monica was already well underway.

I am suggesting RC is fond of bringing characters "full circle" type storytelling.

And what Robin failed to do in "life," she may accomplish in "death."

Jason embracing his Q heritage for his child would fulfill Robin wishes for him.

RC considering the emotional impact of Alan welcoming his son finally back home.

An oft-asked question, how and when will RC rebuild the decimated Qs?

Michael and Jason are Qs, too. So, too, any offspring.


I really hope tracy/monica/edward (if john is ok) can be included in this heather stuff
she was last scene marrying edward and trying to kill him while tracy tried to get rid of her and got luke to help her

They will be.

Again, the Heather story is Jason's reconnection point to the Quartermaines. It is a very large umbrella story designed for Jason, the Quartermaines, and the Webbers and friends. This is a huge Spring storyline, and involves other returns that I have mentioned recently.

They are all involved (though sadly I do not know how JI's tragic happenings play into those changes).

- Emma Samms Insider

Just curious but when you say storyline coming in the spring, do you mean starting maybe April May June?
I'm assuming March is mostly wrapping up and start of new things

Latter March, through May sweeps as an apex, possibly beyond.

I know you are worried about Tracy. You should definitely see Jane's taping picking up very soon.

- Emma Samms Insider

And IMO Elizabeth should be involved - this is the story she belongs in! Steven is her brother and I would much rather see her involved in that and dealing with her life than being all up in Patrick's ass. I don't have an issue with her being Patrick's friend but holding his hand a pulling him back from the brink should be Maxie or Anna. As a Liz fan I do not want to see that.

Yes, as I have said before, she is involved. I mentioned previously that part (not all) of Elizabeth's upcoming story would involve her own family.

Elizabeth plays her part in the upcoming Webber/Quartermaine story. She, along with Jason, Sam, Tracy, Edward, Heather, Monica, Steve, Olivia, Anna, the returnees, and more, play their part.

It's a big story.

- Emma Samms Insider

Well, there it is.
Liz is in Jasam's story too.
FML :headslap

Liz is not in "Jasam's story". Heather's return is part of a much larger umbrella that merely involves Jasam, among many other people.

Go back to the original Susan Moore story with her involvement with Alan, and then her murder and the mystery following. This story is an homage/throwback to that tale, which involved a great deal of the canvas.

As it was then is how it will be now.

- Emma Samms Insider
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