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Starr and Michael are not viewed as the new "Luke and Laura".

RC is too enamored with the real "Luke and Laura" than to be branding a new one.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: Hey ESI,

So is Kate a goner for sure? Do you know if RC plans to bring on Victor/TSJ? Also anything story line wise about Alexis or is it all supporting her kids stuff?

No, I said Sonny will lose Kate.

I can not confirm a Kelly Sullivan exit. The only thing I know about her is that Frank and Ron think she's a very talented actress. They know of her from her background in NYC theatre.

That does not guarantee she's staying, but I just wanted to offer that bit of background.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: Esi, any word on nikolas? As in tyler maybe making an appearance?

Definitely still on the books as far as I know. I do not have any update on casting for him.

The same goes for JJ.

- Emma Samms Insider

Since people are clearly upset, to the point of actually lying on me, let me state this as plain as I can:

I do not have any information about Jasam's marriage breaking up.

I do not have any information about Jason/Liz reuniting romantically.

I do not have any information about Patrick/Liz entering into a sexual/romantic relationship.

None of my information has ever suggested any of that. If you actually go back and read what is actually written, not what you insinuate into my words, the information is pretty clear cut.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: Does the upcoming Liason story rebuild their friendship? I mean do we get to see them grow closer? Will Sam find out about their meetings?

I think this wording is a lot more seedy than the reality.

Jason and Elizabeth won't be secretly growing closer, or having clandestine meetings that his wife needs to "find out about".

Not in any information I have.

- Emma Samms Insider

The Elizabeth "harem" is a bit overblown. As I mentioned quite a few times in the past, her romantic status has been up in the air since most of her potential suitors are played by actors with serious contract issues.

Now according to my info (and my info is hardly the end all be all)

Jason is not for Elizabeth.
Patrick is not for Elizabeth.
Matt, in the end, will not be for Elizabeth.
Ewen was for Elizabeth, but everything about him has changed recently and I am unsure about where he is going.

Lucky is, and always was intended to be, for Elizabeth. Every romantic road for Elizabeth leads eventually to Lucky.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI anything on Anna or anymore returns

Yes! I have no idea how long Finola is sticking around, but I know FV in particular adores her. I might have mentioned this in the past, not sure, but she is being woven into the canvas. You will definitely get to see Devane the doting grandmother, as well as professional Devane. The vision for Anna is, again, all about "restoration". Also she is scene by this new team as a rock.

Lots more returns, quite a few I have mentioned for a long time now. I don't want to give any more names at this time though.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI, thanks for your drops, which I find are usually quite accurate. Two questions...Will JASAM ever get a chance to be happy they are having a baby and how does Sonny/Sam relationship and their last conversations,relate to JIZ and their relationship?

Jasam has a great deal to handle in the coming months. Obstacles in the form of Heather, the changes from Jason's own mind, the fall out from Robin, John McBain, possibly Sam's own paternity issues later on (yes, again, her farther is still on the table), the coming birth.

However, as far as I am aware, their will be plenty of moments of bonding, and love, among all that turmoil.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI what is the story coming up for Carly and Johnny? What does RC think of them as a couple?

I'll answer new Carly questions because I haven't had info on her in a long time.

Carly and Johnny are short term. It'll be Carly/Johnny/Sonny/Kate for awhile.

Carly and Sonny continue their back and forth, love and hate. Carly sides against Sonny in the whole Cole/Hope "death" business. Kate also serves as a point of contention for them.

Sonny will become almost obsessed with Kate, according to my info. He clings desperately to Kate, and their relationship, even as clues begin to surface that something is dangerously wrong. This is before it becomes clear that Kate's "other side" is a true demon and has caused a lot of damage.

Sonny and Carly grow closer in the end after Sonny loses Kate. Carly/Johnny are sacrificed in all the drama.

Carly, I have at least, is terribly apologetic for accusing Sonny of Kate's crime.

How far they will go with the Sonny/Carly revisit I do not know, but Brenda is the end result.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI, so you have not heard anything about Liz and Ewen still having a romance?

My info is old, but that info did have Ewen and Liz involved in a romantic relationship for a season.

I am just saying that since that info, I do know Ewen's trajectory has changed radically, and I am not sure of exactly what he's involved in.

- Emma Samms Insider

I am finally home from my AAA nightmare
Didn't get to catch up with the thread but speaking of starr and michael
Will they be movinig into the Q orbit or mansion?
or will Michael be going back to ELQ?

Any idea of if Luke/Tracy will remain friends or is luke moving on to Anna for short term?
Are you hearing Tracy/az marraige will turn out to be a scam?


Way back when I first started dropping I said that RC was surprised to see just how badly the Quartermaines have been decimated.

There is a coming migration back into the Quartermaine mansion. Everyone won't be moving back in, but there will be far more life in the old house again, in the form of blood relatives, family friends, and even enemies.

I have absolutely nothing about a Luke/Anna romance. I do not have any info on Anthony leaving, or their marriage being revealed to be a fraud.

I do know that Luke and Tracy will cross again, but as a part of story that isn't focused specifically on their time as lovers.

- Emma Samms Insider

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