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A few quick drops as time is limited,

For Tracyfan,
Could there be another explosive Quartermaine diary?
Expect Tracy's "conscience" to make an appearance. SD plays a "role" in the Susan Moore revisit.

For Monica fans,
Heard Pierce Dorman's name bandied about. I do not know yet where or how this ties in.

For Robin fans,
KMc committed to a limited return.

-Happy New Years

Stressing I am not stating Pierce Dorman will be resurrected.

I am dropping his name been bandied about. Could be in reference to the new Q diary idea. I do not know yet where RC is heading here.

-Happy New Years

I can't remember if it was you or ESI that said RC was working on May sweeps and beyond a couple weeks ago
So is this new info on Tracy and a SD possible return for like summer or past that if it is already written?

A: I cannot speak for any other insider. I did drop RC was finalizing May Sweeps and my access was limited.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY said they're not saying PD is coming back. They've heard the name mentioned and don't know the context yet.

A: Correct. Pierce Dorman may be like Susan Moore, and part of revisiting old Q "secrets."

Stressing this is preliminary information. Please do not twist my drops further than that.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY has already said the show is being written in wrap up mode

A: Correct. Jason and Sonny leaving the mob.

Exposing secrets. Jason finally embracing his Q heritage, and "coming back home to Alan," etc

All part of wrap up plans.

-Happy New Years

Q: I understand what you're saying HNY and that it may just be a mention.

It just burns me up as a Brenda fan that they would mention him but act as though Brenda never existed.

A: Dropping on the Qs mainly only today.

There is some setup work coming for Brenda. That is all I can share today.

-Happy New Years

The Upfronts are held in May. Sometime prior to that the new lineup will leak out.

Examples of a wrap-up,
"walks down memory lane" and reunions - vets returning who played key roles in GH history; juicy old secrets finally coming to light; and bringing closure to characters - Robin is alive! Jason returning to the Q fold and departures from the mob.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY I appreciate all that you do share. As a fan of GH I am happy to see that some care is being given to give it a proper sendoff and all the characters get HEA. It's hard waiting on your stuff to pan out though but I am trusting it will.

A: I have always maintained no one's information is 100% reliable.

However, I believe some of my GH drops have already been confirmed; by actors, interviews, and onscreen events.

-Happy New Years

Q: When do you expect GH to end? How much of this will happen by May? I guess I'm unclear as to the pacing and timing? Do these juicy old secrets get kept to the last week of airing for example?

A: September.

At least one juicy Q secret comes to light this spring.

Do not know yet.

-Happy New Years

Q: Since you are mainly dropping on the Qs today
1) any more talk of ned/dillon making an appearance before wrap up? Woudl be nice if tracy had her sons there at some point since their relationships always were rocky
2) if john ingle isn't able to return to work for a while do you think they will continue the stories you have mentioned without him or just mentioning him?

1) Heard Ned. No update on Dillon.

2) Not sure on JI's status.

All I have time for today as my time limited this week!

-Happy New Years
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