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SOD: Days First Gay Kiss Sparks Controversy

Will's first gay kiss on February 23 has generated a passionate response from Days of Our Lives viewers, who are divided in their opinion.

"Been a longtime viewer of Days for over 50 [years]....the day [two] men kissed could be my last episode. I realize that in today's times people think that it is all right, but [it's] pretty sickening to me," D.S emailed Digest.

In sharp contrast, M.R. wrote to us saying, "I have never been so proud of the show as I was when I watched Will's first kiss with another guy. That was the most intense and real depiction I have seen for a 'first kiss' on daytime between two guys. Thank you, DAYS, for showing how it is and for not watering it down. Will has tried to hide himself away for his entire life. I am so glad he finally acted on his true feelings and I cannot wait to continue watching him come to terms with being gay. Chandler Massey [Will] has been amazing with this story thus far!"

The show is also getting feedback from fans. Co-Head Writer Marlene McPherson tells Digest, "We are hearing [from] fans that they could relate to what Will is going through and they are glad we are taking a chance to portray something in such a realistic way."

Deidre Hall (Marlena) adds, "With the possible exception of the 'possession' storyline, I have never been so besieged by fans as I was this weekend wanting to talk about the Friday show and Will's confession about kissing a man. We had shot the scenes so long ago I had forgotten that I literally held my breath as Chandler played the scene. I was stopped by fans, actors, and even a photographer who wanted to tell me he wept during the scenes. I wrote a thank you to the fans for supporting the storyline on my Facebook page. Over 200 posts talked about what the Friday scenes meant to them. Well done, everyone!"

Credit: http://secondchanceslumi.com/topic/6692371/1/
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