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Q: Have they told Jason Cook that he is no longer on the show? Is there anyone else they are letting go next month along with Jason? Does he leave in April?

I do not know what JC has been told or not told. From a sad experience on OLTL, it appeared those exiting were too often kept in the dark.

I heard RC was writing off his character and the setup already began. That is all I have for now.

Please bear in mind, sometimes I get the exit story (ie Kate) and other times I only hear pieces of plans.

-Happy New Years

Q: I am specifically concerned that the story about looking for Robin and bringing Kimberly in to film will keep getting pushed off. She is very busy this summer and if it isn't done before then, the fans will get screwed again. Has this story been slotted for a specific time? I know you can't say when, but if you can just say it has a timeline it will ease my anxiety.

I can only share, I heard KMc "committed" to a "limited" return.

This return has not been scripted yet.

I do not want to comment on timelines for any story as recently heard RC been reshuffling 1-2 stories for later.

-Happy New Years

Q: Hi HNY. HNY, have you heard anything new about TSJ (Victor) & FL (Tea) making an appearence on GH?

I shared here in January TSJ was on RC's wishlist. I recently heard RC was in contact with TSJ.

-Happy New Years

Q: Hi HNY, can you please give a clue about this Scorpio mess? In interview after interview Finola Hughes said it was big, and I think she said twists, but the writing for her and Scorpio has been awful. When can we expect to see some method to this madness?

There are more twists coming up.

I will leave it up to you viewers at the end to decide if RC told a good yarn or not.

-Happy New Years

Q: Are Todd and Carly a sure thing or were you just addressing posts about them?

I was making clear I do not know any such plans for Todd and Carly.

-Happy New Years

Q: Hi HNY!! Thank you so much for what you do share with us!

We did have a drop here earlier about Ewen saying that RC had reworked his story as he did not like what GW had come up with. Also that Ewen and Liz romance would pick up in April...

It all sounds great to me, but I was just curious if you had heard anything similar.

Thanks for any info!!

I heard GW's LIW story was a shredded mess of rewrites. The decision to gut it was already made prior to RC assuming control.

Except for timed sweep events, RC gives the breakdown writers some real leeway to stall or speed up story, as needed. This leeway is partly why I avoid timelines.

-Happy New Years


I tip my hat to whoever correctly scooped the OLTL cast contracts. As is obvious, my information on those been wrong. It is quite all right to question my drops. I only have ever asked please hold me accountable only for what I did drop, not things I never ever said. I believe that is only fair.

To clarify what I did hear regarding OLTL cast additions to GH,
Last December I shared TK was set to return as Lorenzo under GW. I heard FV put that story and return on hold because he preferred Tomas.

I did share here last month RC had TSJ on his wishlist and recently contacted him. I only hazarded a guess a TSJ return indicated RC really wanted to do his alive reveal onscreen, however, I never saw any storyboard draft. I only recently heard RC began reshuffling the timing of certain stories, shifting 1-2 to later to later.

As for Todd and Carly? I did not see any Todd returns storyboard so I honestly do not know the plan for those two. I can only share the plans I heard include Skate explodes as Sonny & Carly are forced to confront their unresolved feelings. This storyboard already began playing out onscreen.

I want to stress one last time, I do not have nor ever made any claim to have access to every GH story, return or contract. Other insiders may have more information than I, or differing information. I can only share what I hear, sometimes that information is more complete and other times it is merely tidbits.

-Happy New Years

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