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Not sure if this really had any effect but last Monday DOOL was completely off in the Cleveland/Northern Ohio area because of the Chardon School shooting. Not sure if any other markets in Ohio were effected by it. Doubt it is a big enough market to make a difference but could have made a slight difference. Plus many people could have been watching national news stations. That was a national story. That is why I was glad for You Tube to tide me more over until I could watch on tv later on SN. I think the promo made some people who hadn't watched the show think something bigger was going to happen with Will's coming out as the week went on. What they didn't know is that it all happened the prior week and the only thing shown was the talk with Marlena and Sonny. Whatever it is, at least the talkers saying they'd never watch DOOL again because of the storyline with Will coming out :laugh: .
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