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Q: HNY do you have an ETA on the blending of 80s and 90s GH, the revival of the Spencers, Lulu discovering her world saving roots and the big adventure? This last week has soured me on GH as it currently stands.

The blending of the 80s and 90s was not my drop.

The Spencers "reset" already commenced; derogatory Laura comments were dropped and replaced with positive Luke/Laura references. Lulu was moved into a position to stumble upon investigations. Luke's love for his children and friends is being restored.

-Happy New Years

Q: Hi HNY,

I am wondering is RC really going anywhere with Steve and Olivia in the form of a long term coupling at all? Because they sure are a mess and completely boring. Just seems like a real waste. Thanks.

Kate's psychotic break will impact Olivia's story direction.

-Happy New Years

Q: Thank you HNY. JJ confirmed talks with tptb as well this week. Any new info on him or possibly GF?

I would urge you to cut KMc, JJ, and other returnees some slack.

FV is well known for asking actors to mislead fans, in order to keep an element of surprise.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY do you have anything on Liz and Jason, Some think there is room to hope for a new beginning for them? Can you say if Becky has been working much with Steve?

For Elizabeth,

Short-term = rebuilding her stronger, more a support to others versus needy and in need of support herself. Her romantic interest is Ewen.

Long-term = reunion with Lucky.

I have not read any plans to reunite her with Jason.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY, I just wanted to thank you for all the drops and for hanging in there with the board. Just sad that there doesn't seem to be much for Patrick. I was hoping he and Anna would start to suspect something was up and would be off on an adventure searching for Robin. Just discouraged with the way this story has been written so far, but still wanted to thank you again! Hope you have a good weekend.

I never dropped Patrick, Robert or Anna would suspect Robin was alive.

I dropped an investigation would lead them to pursue justice for Robin. I am awaiting to see if the fire marshall's findings was stalled or rewritten.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY you said in the long-term for Alexis there will be the paternity reveal. Is that person going to be Alexis' love interest or do they plan on ever giving her one? TIA

I really do not have much in the way of a real romantic interest for Alexis. Mac was tossed around only a bit.

It appears RC wants to play connect the dots with Sam's father. It is someone from GH's past.

-Happy New Years


Here is the TV Guide Link:


Thank you.

I can only say last year Michael Logan served as a reliable source for ABC's true intentions. This spring he again restates ABC's firm commitment to non-scripted programming. That commitment was ordered from the upper echelons of Disney, and it is part of a larger restructuring deal with the affiliates.

-Happy New Years


Do you have anything on Felicia's return?

I read two early drafts for a Felicia and Frisco reunion.

I hesitate to drop anything on Maxie because that storyboard was rewritten due to the KS situation.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY any chance for a JoLu reunion? Or being friends

As with Sonny and Carly, RC feels there are unresolved feelings between Johnny and Olivia.

Kate's psychotic break will have a major impact on Olivia's story direction.

-Happy New Years

Q: So just keeping up to speed? Jason is nolt the one who originally becoems suspicious about Robin's death? Its the fire marshall report? Liz is going romantic with Ewan? Sam's father is someone from Gh's past?

In the original storyboard, the fire marshall's report is the start.

I have stated for months here that Elizabeth's short-term romantic interest is Ewen.

Sam's father will be revealed. I have shared all I will there as it is in early drafts.

-Happy New Years

Q: HSN..
Can you shed any light on the Heather Webber story regarding Jason/Sam?
Is Jason the father of Sam's baby? The Jasam fans are being baited regarding that issue.
Do Jason and Sam have any lighter/happier moments coming up that you can share with us?
Thank you for anything you can tell us Jasam fans.

Jason is the father. However, the paternity and the test will be called into question again. The "rape" will be resolved once and for all. So too will Franco's "ties" to Jason.

I would not expect a stress-free or drama-free pregnancy. Far from it. Jason and Sam will face many external obstacles and some internal conflicts. However, the plan is for them to overcome those obstacles.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY, the writers had Anna tell Luke onscreen that the lab explosion was a series of random accidents. We never even saw anyone get a report but it appeared that Anna already knew about the gas leak mixing with the chemicals which led to the explosion. We saw onscreen that it was an accident caused by Maxie and Patrick. No one seems intent on getting justice.

What you saw onscreen was deliberate misdirection. It was not accident.

The report would raise some questions, however, down the line.

It has only been two days since Robin's death and "she" is not even buried yet.

-Happy New Years

Q: I was a huge OLTL fan and I am still confused about the "similar phrasing" regarding another "praised" actress' exit? Clues please. Thanks.

Susan Haskell was a two-time Emmy winner who FV/RC praised intensely in interviews. When I broke the story SH was exiting, I dropped Marty would suffer a "psychotic break" and go on a "violent" rampage. Months later Marty was kidnapping infants, going to the nuthouse, throwing one rival off the roof and gutting another, and murdering her therapist.

It proved a cautionary tale for OLTLers who believed FV/RC's praising words meant a particular actress or actor was "safe."

-Happy New Years

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