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Soaptown Loose Lips - March 11

BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL: Now that Brad Bell is leaking out big big spoilers in an attempt to try and get some interest in his show since his termination of Jack Wagner, Leslie Ann Downs and Brandon Beamer, he mentioned in a past interview he really believes his older viewers aren't going anywhere and he now must concentrate on the younger generation and is bringing in Caroline Spencer for Rick and Thomas to banter over. Seems Bell is a bit worried that BB just may be the next soap to circle the drain. I'm hearing from well-placed insiders at CBS, he may find he's not making some key people happy. Since letting Wagner leave (BIG MISTAKE) he is attempting to hire another out of work actor who had a huge following on another debunked show to do some key scenes in Aspen with Hope, Liam and Steffy come fashion week in early summer. Why is Brad letting go of long term vets and bringing in vets from other shows? That's quite easy, he's trying to pull in regular viewers from the cancelled soaps to replace the tons he's losing with the status quo. I'm hearing TPTB at CBS and at Bold headquarters, ARE REALLY PISSED OFF........Amber will be making some headway with Rick soon, and it's not going to make things any easier for Brooke who as you already know now will slip into a depression because of her past. Don't look for it to last long, Bridge will come back as they always do, hogging the screen.

YOUNG & THE RESTLESS: Victor has some more dirty deeds planned and poor Sharon or should I say moron Sharon who is again proving what a total idiot she is. He offers her to be the head of a new cosmetics division at Newmans because he wants to use her to hurt Victoria. She knows from recent experiences that Victor is not above using her as a pawn. Yet once again she allows herself to be part of his plotting and conniving. It just may be the basis for revisiting the sickening Victor and Sharon relationship. I mentioned that Sharon Case tweeted about a possible hook up between Victor and Sharon. And from what sources have said she was not happy about the possibility. I hear she also mentioned that putting Sharon and Victor together will totally destroy her character. When people tweeted to SC how disgusted they were at the possibility of Sharon hooking up with Victor her response was "imagine how I feel?" Rarely is an actor that honest about his or her dislike of an upcoming story line. This is not the first time Case has spoken out on Twitter about her upset over a storyline but sadly there is very little she can do especially if she wants to keep her job......It is seeming more and more as if Nikki is slated to be with Jack and it looks like we may be headed for a Sharon/Victor/Genevieve triangle.....Anita was surprised and quite shocked when she saw Jeffrey, could this mean that Jeffrey is Chelsea's father? Or could it be his twin brother William?....Didn't anyone catch the writers blunder when Tucker said to Harmony that he knows how she gets when she goes after a man, but I ask you how is it he remembered her antics but did not remember who she is? Another example of sloppy writing for plot line purposes.
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