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Pardon the interruption.

Regarding rumors about Rick Hearst: A short return had been considered for the Ric Lansing character, who would come in to mix it up with his past associations and possibly ally himself with Todd. Todd's primary ally against the Corinthos crime family come May is Kate/Connie and the Zaccharas, with a Quatermaine sideline, but Ric was also considered to play a role that would crisscross several stories. Whether or not that has been greenlit is beyond my knowledge.

Ric was also supposed to have learned the secret of Sam's paternity, and would confront Alexis with it in order to negotiate access to his daughter (Molly).

A few things to look for heading towards sweeps: More of Elizabeth and Steve with their families. A callback to a deadly disease from GH long past. And Sonny discovers Victor Lord Jr., but Victor has a reason for staying hidden. Also, look for Luke to detail for his friends (and the audience) why he has fallen so far, after feeling helpless to save Laura from a trauma that pre-dated their life together. Much will be made of Laura's strength and personal trials, pre and post-Luke.

Less Johnny and Todd, more Todd working with Connie who is working with Anthony Z. Johnny is not fully involved in his father's dirty deeds, and Todd is kept in the dark about Anthony's involvement with Connie. In turn, Todd keeps his own scheme secret from Blair and Starr.

"Tomas" uses the chaos with the warring factions to his own ends. As a decorated federal agent his machinations go undetected, for now, but will have big ripple effects on all parties

Sonny wants to pull Jason into his battle with Todd. Sam and Jason resist, facing their own crisis of faith and family. In one heated moment Jason tells Sonny he has become Frank Smith

Blair returns to town shortly after Todd.

I try to avoid dropping about the big GH couples. That way leads madness.

One more thing: The blowback from the exposure of Connie and the fall of the Zaccharas leads to several deaths, and the official start of GH's final big adventure.


Did you guys see this from the OLTL board-

Dropping over here.

Currently the plan is for Carly to face a final choice between letting her obsession with Jason and Sonny rule her life, and moving on by herself.

You've seen examples of this recently already, from the affair with Johnny to her clash with Sam. Johnny tells her she can't put Sonny behind her while Sam tells Carly she is Jason's wife and that Carly no longer has a say. The destruction of her happy life with Jax will also rear its head as Carly faces up to that.

The current Sonny and Carly reconnect is in order to put both their "houses" in order for their final pairings. Sonny will leave the mob for Brenda. Carly will have to choose between true love and her lingering loyalty to the two men who have defined most of her adult life. At one point the true love in question was going to be Jasper Jacks. Now it may be "Tomas" aka Lorenzo, whose secret will not stay hidden forever.



Do you have any new info to drop on spring stories, specifically whether the search for Robin will begin then?

I never dropped there was a search for an "alive Robin." That was another insider.

I took great care to note Patrick, Robert and Anna will not suspect she is alive. The adventure was about seeking justice for her death. Obviously, the Robert role changed. The timeline been reshuffled and I do not have an update yet.

-Happy New Years

Morning HNY

I have a few of quick questions

Do you know why part of Robert's story was given to McBain ?

Will Robert eventually figure out Luke,Holly & Ethan's Con and return to Port Charles to help Anna,Mac,Patrick get justice for Robin ?

When will they get the fire marshal's report & what will clue them off that the explosion in the lab was not an accident ?

As I dropped previously, it appears Robert's impact on Lulu and Sonny/Dante relationship was given to John McBain.

I do not know on Robert's return yet. I do know he has more story to tell and it was left open for that.

The fire marshall report would find "irregularities" which set off an investigation. I do not yet if that piece was retained or not, as that story timeline was reshuffled.

-Happy New Years


How will they ever find her if they never suspect she is alive? Does the adventure lead them to information that they question or do they just find her by accident? Confused a bit because I would think this is the story the leads to them finding her?

The original story, as structured, had an investigation leading to clues of some sort of malfeasance. The search for justice would at the end reveal an alive Robin.

-Happy New Years


So you are confirming then that whatever the story is about Robin has been shuffled back or is RC still shuffling everything and you aren't sure what the end result will be?

Losing hope that Robin/Kimberly is ever going to come back :-(

Do you know if JT is solid with the show? Is he in danger of being cut?

This spring Robin "should" be revealed alive to viewers.

However, there are only 2 stories delayed until summer boards and the search for justice/adventure appears one of them. Summer boards launch after May Sweeps.

I do not have any information on JT being cut.

-Happy New Years


Is it possible that the storyline "seeking justice for Robin's death" for Robin's family has been given over to Starr, Todd, Blair, and John McBain as "seeking justice" for the deaths of Cole and baby Hope?


The Cole/Hope/Starr/Todd/Blair characters were woven into RC's existing plans to "explode" Skate and explore Sonny/Carly's unresolved feelings. This is why I initially felt Todd and Blair would not really impact story. Essentially the GH characters "directions" stayed the same. For example, irregardless of Todd and Blair additions, Kate's "psychotic break" remained a driving force.

As for John McBain, he assumed pieces of Robert's story which originally intended to impact Sonny and his relationship with Dante.

-Happy New Years


Anything more on a Brenda return? :biglove

This spring, the Brenda mentions should start up. As is the case with the Spencers, there is setup work to do first onscreen.

-Happy New Years


How are you doing? I have dropped some info on the Brenda/Sonny/Carly/possible Jax situation. Do you have similar info. I have that VM is all but a don deal, but Jax (IR) not so much on the table. I have heard they are actually going back to S&C (and it just really doesn't go well) and that is the mob/Brenda catalyst? Anything to share or is my source off on her info?

I have not heard of any Jax plans. Not yet at least.

As I dropped previously, RC rewrote GW's plans for Skate and explodes them instead. Sonny's road back to Brenda goes through Carly first. RC wants to explore Sonny and Carly's unresolved feelings.

Brenda will be back.

-Happy New Years


Then what is the twist to the Robin story? None of it makes any sense.

It is a mystery and mysteries do not make sense at first.

It was no series of "random accidents."

Robin did not die.

Who orchestrated her disappearance and why is the biggest twist of all.

The plan is reveal Robin is alive and KMc already agreed for a "limited" return. That is the information I have and I stand by that.

-Happy New Years

Those drops from the OLTL board could be true. They had Todd being involved with Connie's crazy schemes.

I would urge caution on those OLTL drops.

Those drops do not match RC's views of the Tomas and "Victor" characters.

-Happy New Years

Does someone want to covet the Jasam baby before or after the baby is born? :confused


And I cannot say more as I should not have spoiled that much.

-Happy New Years

I mean Heather could become interested in Sam because of her visit, if Sam would have stayed away, Heather might not even know she existed.

And I'm only stating that based on spoilers last week.

Come hither said the spider to the fly.

You are on the wrong track if you believe Heather does not know who Sam is.

-Happy New Years

I agree. Alison being linked with Victor came out of nowhere. I tend to believe the drops about how Sonny will find out that Victor is alive and use it against Todd - somehow.

Tea will probably be back too.

I suspected my BG drop would prove confusing, so let me clarify to avoid further confusion,

I have not heard of any Todd and Sam connection.

I have not heard of any plans for Sonny to find "Victor."

I cannot confirm if TSJ will or will not appear on GH. I can confirm RC wants TSJ for GH.

I only heard BG (OLTL's Alison Perkins) name dropped recently and that she "might" have a connection to a Port Charles mental institution.

Sometimes I do not get the full story all at once. I sometimes can hear the germ of an idea as those pieces are still being brainstormed. This was the case with my first January drop RC wanted to revisit Susan Moore.

Consider the Alison drop very early, unconfirmed drop. It is a germ of an idea at this point.

Now I must really get going!

-Happy New Years

your friend have anything for Liz?

Hinges on JJ. I think E&E are go. Too bad I like Matt, but I think he is gonna get the axe. Corday will scoop him back up and if KS can get her problems together and stay 'able to work', let's say, she will be back as Maxie or go back to Days, I hear. She isn't doing great right now, so best of luck to her.
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